as TORn's presence on Social Media (tags, boards, etc)

Feeds from some of these Social Media Accounts are aggregated on the:


TORn announced its new Facebook account, saying, "while it would be nice to see you more often directly on TORn, we know that many fans plug into Facebook just a wee bit more often." 1


TORn has an account with Flickr.

TORn's Flickr Profile Page (includes groups TORn belongs to)

But not all photos on Flickr associated with TORn show up under this account. Groups (which allow contributions from multiple accounts) and sets (albums of images) get created in association with specific events and campaigns. Besides the groups listed on TORn's Flickr Profile Page, these include:


Attempting to scroll back to the oldest post on TORn's Google+ page stops at an April 16, 2012 post. This is also the date that their profile photo was uploaded.

No mention of a TORn Google+ account can be found on the site itself until the skin was redesigned, at which time a button for Google+ appeared alongside buttons for Facebook and Twitter.


TORn Staffer, Justin, created an account, "TORNJustin," and a board entitled, "TORN"

Additionally, Pinterest pins can be sorted by the site from which they originated.


TORn doesn't have a Reddit account but Reddit can filter submissions by users that link to website.

Example submission label:

submitted 1 month ago by Gildragon to TheHobbit

"Gildragon" is the user who submitted the link, and "TheHobbit" is the subreddit (like a subforum) that it was submitted to.



TORn announced its new Twitter account, saying, "Our commitment is to send our BIG headlines via tweet so you can be on top of all the latest ‘Hobbit’ happenings." 2


TORn's YouTube channel was created on November 29, 2010.

The TORn feature, "Happy Hobbit," has its own YouTube Channel created October 10, 2012.


1 July 31, 2009 ~ TORn News Article: Got Facebook? Twitter? Join us!

2 July 31, 2009 ~ TORn News Article: Got Facebook? Twitter? Join us!