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Corner Border Motif | 1999-2012

Up until October 2012, the designed of TORn's Home Page—as well as many of its other sections and pages—consisted of a Corner Border Motif that sat in the top left corner of the page. The general shape of this Corner Border was fairly organic and flowing, although the specific shape changed over the 13 years it was used. When the site was redesigned in October 2012, the Corner Border Motif was replaced by a top banner

Corner Random Image Display | 1999-2007

From 1999 till October 2007, a round shape that functioned as a frame for a distinct image was positioned in the top left corner of the Corner Border Motif of the Home Page (Corner Border Motifs #1 and #2). The image within that frame changed with every new visit to (or refreshing of) a page. When the site was redesigned in October 2007, an updated version of the organic Corner Border Motif was kept but the round Random Image Display was not. (XXXXXnote about other pages using the same CBM as the Home PageXXXX)

TORn Home Page Skins : Standard
TORn Home Page Skins : Alternate - TORn Designs
TORn Home Page Skins : Alternate - Fan Designs
TORn "Message Board" Skins
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TORn "Green Books" Skins (needs links footer)
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News Archives - have no skin at all. Just text on white

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The Movies Old TORn Site : The Movies
Newbie Guide
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Spy Reports

Note on naming structure: a page about a section of TORn gets labeled 'Old TORn Site' when it does not exist in any active form on 'New TORn'. Some aspect of Message Boards, Barliman's, and Green Books does exist on 'New TORn so they are named without the 'Old TORn Site'



TORn Web Site History
TORn 2007 Server Crash
Old TORn & New TORn


TORn Mathom-house Picasa Album : TORn Site Page Skins