"The One Last Party"

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video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bNKqTgWsAY


Third party coverage:

Thai language report on the party: http://mcot-web.mcot.net/9ent/view.php?id=54ed3e08be047032948b4570
Nine Entertain, Thai entertainment news program on MCOT Channel in Thailand.
Here’s a rough translation of the clip:

"We are covering a party in LA one goodbye party for Middle Earth.
I’ve been invited like a VIP to cover a party from all the fans of the movies and books … Hobbit fans and Lord of the Rings.. One last party. This party is by all the fans of Middle Earth and J.R.R Tolkien that has made up a website called TheOneRing.net …. You don’t need to wear a suit to come to this party… you will be bumping in people who dress up in costume such as elf, Gandalf… dwarves … to show how much they love the Lord of the Rings.
First party was in 2002 and was nominated for 9 Oscars and party is still on going up until now… there is auction and there are two bands playing in the party Emerald Rose and California Dreamers . One of the band members William Kircher is in the movie as Bifur . People are enjoying the band and dancing. Michael Regina is very happy that everyone is enjoying the party. Even now that the movies have ended many know that this may not be the last party…
This proves that it’s not just the movie, it brings people to bond together making a great friendship…"





Per Justin Sewell:
Party by the numbers:
11 hours of streaming video
500 avg viewers per minute
22,736 comments in chat
1,083 instagram photos
1,500 tweets reaching 9 Million people
3,400 total hours watched worldwide
email to staffers Feb 23, 2015