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WonderCon Exclusive T-shirt | April 2014

Designed exclusively for WonderCon 2014.

Front: Black shirt with red ink. A fire breathing dragon sits atop the text, "Ever WONDER how to CON a dragon?" with TORn's logo at the bottom.
Shirebucks Second Breakfast Blend Coffee | August 2013

A play off a Starbucks coffee label for a Keurig K-cup pack.

Front: For a logo, the Starbucks the mermaid, there is a white tree and the words "Shirebucks Coffee." The name of the "blend" is "Second Breakfast Blend" and the slogan under it reads, "Carrying you through to elevenses..." Around the perimeter of the round K-cup label top are the words, "Breakfast," "Second Breakfast," Elevenses," "Luncheon," "Afternoon Tea," "Dinner," and "Supper."
Sales Copy: "Second Breakfast Blend carries you through to elevenses! This exclusive design highlights the wonderful aromas that get our heroes through each day."
Drake of Gold | July 2013

A red dragon (Smaug) pastiche of the Superman comic book hero chest shield as designed by Sarah Myer. Offered for the first time at Comic-Con 2013 with the possibility they could be made available online after Comic-Con.

Front: Red dragon cradling a white gem in its tail and coiled in an S on a shield shape referred to as "The Superman logo Hobbitized."
Sales Copy: "As the last of his kind, the Fire Drake from the north sits atop his golden horde as Bilbo climbs up to take the famed Arkenstone in this heroic tribute."
One Throne to Rule them All | July 2013

An illustrated Game of Throne / Lord of the Rings mashup by Alan Bao.

Front: Sauron sitting on a throne made of swords. The illustration is defined only by use of white highlights on a black background. Under the illustration is "TheOneRing.net" (logo), the tag, "Forged by and for fans of JRR Tolkien," an attribution, "Art by Alanbao.com." and the Comic-Con logo.
Sales Copy: "One of the most popular Tolkien mashups of the year makes its debut at SDCC after being featured on every major website including Reddit, Gawker and TORN. It is available in limited edition SILVER METALLIC ink, hand silk screened by the dwarves of Moria. The raw power of the gold ring stands out against the shiny reflective armor, and this metallic edition is only available on site at the convention!"
Misty Mountains Beer | June 2013

A pastiche of the Coors Light Beer logo.

Front: "Misty" is in a thick, red, cursive font and "Mountains" under it in a italic san serif font. Behind the words is an illustration of the same mountain in the Coors logo but with "easter egg" images from The Hobbit substituting for the shadows of the mountain. Those nine items appear to be: raven or eagle - Gandalf - Gandalf's staff - Smaug's tail - Dwarf axe - keyhole - thrush - Thorin - Sting.
Sales copy: "Far over the Misty Mountains cold... Comes a brand new geeky shirt that is perfect for fans of both Tolkien and beer! And if you look closely at the design you'll find nine homages to our favorite film of 2012!"
Lake-town Fire Department v2 | June 2013

A Maltese Cross in the style of many fire department emblems with elements from The Hobbit.

Front: The cross is in white and yellow (gold) with one of the words,"Lake Town Fire Dept" in each of the four quadrants. In the center of the cross are a ladder, a firefighter helmet, an axe and a dragon.
Sales copy: "For centuries, the residents of Laketown have depended on the brave men and women of the Laketown Fire Department! Be a first responder to the fires of Laketown with this 100% cotton shirt! One of the most requested designs finally returns with a new twist."
I Like Big Books and Can Not Lie | May 2013

A play on the line, "I like big butts and I cannot lie," from the 1991 song, "Baby Got Back."

Front: Three stacked, thick books with the words, "I Like Big Books and I Can Not Lie" written on various faces of the books (spine, page edges, and covers) along with "TheOneRing.net" stacked logo.
Sales copy: "Tolkien fans are obviously fans of BIG BOOKS. Lord of the Rings is over 1,000 pages long. Share your geeky pride with the TheOneRing.net exclusive!"
TORn News Article: Do you Like Big Books…?
#VoteBilbo Victory | April 2013

This tshirt was made available for just around 24 hours after Bilbo was voted the "Best Hero" in a competition conducted by MTV.

Front: The words, "#VOTEBILBO" with the "o" in Vote replaced by the One Ring and the "t" in Vote replaced with Sting. Above this is "MTV BEST HERO" and under it the tag, "Because even the smallest tweet can change the course of the future..."
TORn News Article: Victory! We have #votebilbo victory! (mention of the tshirt was removed from the article but not from the comments to the article)
Peter's Dragon | March 2013

A play on "Pete's Dragon," the title of a Disney animated feature, with the implication being that "Peter's Dragon" is Smaug.

Front: A large, amber eye - seemingly glowing in the dark - with a vertical slit pupil and the words, "Peter's Dragon," in a font style similar to one of the many "Pete's Dragon" titles.
Sales copy: "The beloved classic celebrated by fans worldwide is now a t-shirt! Show your support of the ultimate friend-of-dragons with this limited edition black shirt, EXCLUSIVELY from TheOneRing.net!"
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Line Party | November 2012

Designed by Chris Lyons, these were to be modeled after a concert tour t-shirt and played off a tag line from the movie, 300. The back would list all the cities actually holding line parties. It's not clear if these t-shirts ever got produced.

Front: Dwarven Runes that translate to, "No surrender no retreat" and "Tonight we line in hell." There was a dragon on the front with "LP4" in large red letters over it and the TORn's long logo underneath it all.
Back: The back had the text, "Bring your second breakfast and elevenses too for the Long Expected Line Party..." (in a font simulated Bilbo's handwriting) and "2012 World Tour". The dragon was replicated on the back and all the locations for line parties would fill up the space around and under it with room for a Sponsor Logo.
May the Dwarves Be With You | November 2012

A Star Wars (SW): The Empire Strikes Back / The Hobbit mashup.

Front: The phrase, "May the Dwarves be with you," (a play on the SW phrase "May the Force be with you") is in the style of the movie title logo for The Empire Strikes Back with the words, "Star Wars," replaced by "The Hobbit." A glowing Sting is stands in for a SW light saber and the whole thing is displayed on a star field.
What Can Brown Do For You | September 2012

A tribute to the wizard, Radagast the Brown, in a pastiche of the United Parcel Service's (UPS) logo and 2002 tagline, "What can brown do for you?" This was made available for event and online sales for a limited time only in association with 2012 Dragon*Con. The News Article for this tshirt has since been removed from TORn's site but is still available at the Internet Archive.

Back: shield shaped graphic of Radagast the Brown with a bird perching on it | "What Can Brown Do For You" | TORn logo
Front: Brown Wizard Shield
Sales Copy: "A play off the slogan for a certain worldwide shipping service, our latest shirt adds a comedic twist by asking what would the Brown Wizard do for you?"
Internet Archive Page Capture: New TheOneRing.net Gear at DragonCon!
Internet Archive Page Capture: TheOneRing.net's DragonCon 2012 T-Shirt Line-up
Raiders of the Lost Arkenstone | September 2012

This mashup of Indiana Jones and The Hobbit was made available for event and online sales for a limited time only in association with 2012 Dragon*Con. The News Article for this tshirt has since been removed from TORn's site but is still available at the Internet Archive.

Front: "Raiders of the Lost Arkenstone" in the style of the "Raiders of the Lost Ark" movie logo with the addition of Sting, a Dwarven Helmet and the TheOneRing.net logo.
Sales Copy: "What's another name for 'The Hobbit?' If Lucas or Spielberg had anything to say about it, maybe it would have been 'Raiders of the Lost Arkenstone?' Our latest shirt to be designed by expert designer Chris Lyons, this is a sure-fire hit with your friends and family. Snag one today!"
Road to DragonCon | August 2012

Offered to sponsors of TORn's "Road to Dragon*Con 2012. (no picture tracked down to indicate design)

Obey | July 2012

A Middle-earth take on Shepard Fairey's Barak Obama "Hope" poster with a possible influence from his OBEY giant graphic.

Front: Three color graphic in the style of the Obama "Hope" graphic featuring the Eye of Sauron, the Tower of Barad-dur, and the words OBEY. The entire image is 'decayed' as if it had been stenciled onto a concrete wall.
Back: TORn logo

Sales Copy (September 2012): "The Dark Lord commands you to OBEY! One of the hottest shirts on the exhibit floor at Comic-Con 2012 was TheOneRing.net's 'OBEY' Shirt, designed by Chris Lyons. The shirt was so popular we sold out."

Barlibash 2012 | January 2012

T-shirt event souvenir for the Dallas Barlibash 2012 offered for sale afterward. Designed by Barliman moderator, Four-O-Nine.

Front: Backlit sunset illustration of an Orc/Uruk-hai horde facing off someone in a gunslinger's stance but with a sword instead of a gun strapped to his leg. The words "Barlibash 2012" run up the side and "Dallas, TX" TORn's stacked logo are at the bottom.
1 Ring New York | October 2011

Exclusive to New York Comic-Con 2011. Given to attendees of TORn's private party, "Ringers Take Manhattan." (not determined if it was also available for sale during the con)

Durin's Folk Family Reunion | September 2011
Lake-town Archery Club | July 2011

Fundraiser for TORn's trips to Comic-Con and Dragon*Con.

Slave Boy Films Shop: Laketown Archery Club
Mirkwood Pest Control | April-May 2011
TheOneRing.net Official Gear – Spring 2011 (had to be pre-ordered in April for May delivery)
Talk Nerdy to Me | July 2010
I Kissed a Geek... And I Liked It! | July 2010
Why So Precious - Gollum | July 2010
Why So Precious - Ringwraiths | July 2010
Lake-town Volunteer Fire Department | July 2008
Weta/Daniel Falconer exclusive TheOneRing.net design | July 2008
Smog Kills | Aug/Sept 2007

Originally offered at 2007 Dragon*Con. 1

undetermined Dragon*Con tshirt | Aug 2006
Don't Touch My Precious | September 2004
If You Haven't Read the Books | September 2004
Thanks PJ! | September 2004
Don't Make Me Get My Ring | March 2004

available at 2003 Dragon*Con: http://scrapbook.theonering.net/scrapbook/group/953/view/8172

Return of the One Party XXX(event only) March 2004 (sale)
Line Party 3 - Lord of the Rings: Return of the King | November 2003

Back: "One cannot simply walk into theaters, there are geeks there that do not sleep." "2003 World Tour" +list of line party cities ending with "...and every city from here to there and back again" +TORn name +more small text that is difficult to read


Lousy T-shirt | July 2003 | April-May 2011

Front: Stacked version of TheOneRing.net logo
Back: "I WAS… chased from my house, stabbed by a wraith, assaulted by a mutant octopus, speared by a troll, stalked by a creepy little man, drawn into a corpse-filled swamp, poisoned by a giant spider, rendered unconscious… I even lost my Ring, AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS LOUSY T-SHIRT"

Originally offered at July 2003 San Diego Comic-Con. | Reprinteed spring 2011. (had to be pre-ordered in April for May delivery)

Two Towers One Party | 2003
Dragon*Con 2002 (?) | September 2002

"some of our t-shirts to give away" design not determined

TORn Bowling Shirt
BarliBash 2001 | July 2001
TORn Hat

The Official TORn Hat!

Top 10 Signs You Are a Tolkien Fan | April 2000 (event sale) | May 2000 (online sale) | November 2000 (sweatshirt)

Premiered at ImagineCon 2000 in April 2000 and later offered for sale online in May 2000.

Shop: Black Top Ten Sweatshirt

Unknown Sweatshirt

This might be the sweatshirt noted above, Top 10 Signs. But the image isn't available anymore so it's unclear.
New Shop, New product!

Original "Ring" design | August 1999

Front: "TheOneRing.net" "Forged by Fans of JRR Tolkien" "(undetermined text)"
Back: Large graphic of the One Ring with Elven script "www.TheOneRing.net" "(undetermined text)"
A TORn t-shirt was first mentioned in August 1999 as a suggested prize for a contest to name the chat room and one was awarded a few weeks later. In January 2000, a t-shirt, presumably this one, was made available for online sales. None of these early News Articles show an image of the shirt and all the links to the online shops are now dead. But two shirts were offered for sale in May 2000 in a News Article that indicates the "Original" t-shirt was white with a large image of a Ring on it.