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Newbie Guide : Barlimans Chat and Discussion

Links to archived pages at Old TORn Site

Barlimans Index
Java Chat (inactive hookup page)
Hall of Fire
Barliman's Polls
The Regulars

  • Barliman's Map of Regulars (by comparing the list of regulars on the archived map page at TORn and page captures at the Internet Archive, it appears the map was not updated after December 30, 2001.)
  • Barliman's Photo Gallery (uploaded images indicate pages were being updated as late as Mar 2007)

Chat Extras

Navigation changes and sub-page creations


July 15, 1999 - November 1, 1999

Chat capability was added to TORn on July 15, 1990 1 (although it can be noted that chats were held before this date, likely at non-TORn chat site)
and it was offically named "Barliman's" a month later. 2

An October 1999 page captures at the Internet Archive indicates that the Home Page had a link for "Discussion" which lead to an entry page serving both "Barliman's" and the "Message Boards." On the "Discussion" page, one could follow links to external chat programs or to a "Chat Room" page which displayed a browser based, Java chat interface.

''TORn Mathom-house Picasa Album: October 1999 Discussion Index Page skin
November 1, 1999 - ?February 22, 2000?

On November 1st, 1999, a support section for "Barliman's" opened that included: 3

  • Chat Interface
  • Rules (no additional design elements)
  • Instructions (for getting set up) (no additional design elements)
  • Hall of Fire (discussion forum)

A November 18, 1999 Internet Archive page capture indicates there was still only a link to the "Discussion" page on the Home Page. And a November 11, 1999 Internet Archive page capture indicates that the "Discussion" page was unchanged from before November 1 and still only offered a link to "Chat Room" (the Java chat interface).
On November 12, 1999, an announcement was made on the Home Page about this new section and the November 14, 1999 page capture of the "Discussion" page shows a newly named link to "Barliman's Chat" which leads to an Index & News page.

This Barliman's Index and News page provided links to all the sub-pages of the section and on each sub-page, there were links for the other sub-pages along the right.

?February 22, 2000? - October 2007

At some point, a link directly to Barliman's was added to the Home Page. Clicking on that link expanded a menu that included all the sub-pages of the section. At that point, the navigation frame that had been on the right of these sub-pages was removed.

The earliest evidence of this at the Internet Archive is for February 22, 2000

All pages in this section were archived in October 2007 as part of "Old TORn".

October 2007 - ongoing

develop information about Baliman's on New TORn


Live chat - possibly the first - announced. In attendance will be Xoanon, Tehanu, Calisuri, Corvar, Anwyn, Quickbeam, Turgon with guest, the head of a company developing a LOTR RPG game. 4

A news article declared the 'chatroom up and running'. 5 It's possible this referred to an onsite chat room since it seems that previous chats had been conducted off site.

"Events" section added with the first entry being a log from the previous night's live chat. 6

Contest announced to find a name of Hobbit-ish or Bree-ish origin for the chatroom. 7

Winning name for the chatroom results revealed to be "Barliman's." 8

"Barliman's" section opened on the site to support Barliman's chatroom. It contained link to chatroom, rules, instructions for getting set up, and information on a new Tolkien discussion forum, "Hall of Fire". 9 "The L.o.t.R. Movies Special Effect Site" opened on TORn. 10

The difference between "Hall of Fire" and "Barliman's" explained and first topic set for discussion on November 13. 11

First "Hall of Fire" Chat held. 12

Barliman's Gallery of regular chatters opened. The Map of Regulars section of Barliman's (presumably opened at some earlier, unannounced date) was referred to in this article. 13

A Hall of Fire mailing list was released that would let people receive Hall of Fire news such as the next chat topic and when logs of past chats were made available. 14

Hall of Fire homepage got a new pulldown menu for accessing past chat logs. 15

User Statistics

For the second question, it's by far the most chatters that we've ever
had on the server simultaneously.

Until spring of 2012, there was a hard maxusers/maxclients limit of 350. Barliman's hit that twice previously that Demosthenes knew of: first during the 2004 Oscar Party for ROTK. The second was for the release of the trailer for The Hobbit in December last year. There might have been a time or two other than that he's forgotten about. Demosthenes speculated, "I don't know how many we could have had chatting at once for those events, but it's worth noting that IRC (internet relay chat) was a
much more popular medium in 2004 than it is now. I feel we could have easily broken 1,000 chatters that night. But there's no way to know." 16

The events that have generated the most chat activity in Barliman's have been movie production-related: trailer releases, The Oscars, The Golden Globes, and San Diego Comic-Con. Maegwen also used to run movie marathons (everyone watches a movie and
sits on IRC at the same time) that could get a crowd of up to 150.

TORn Tuesday generally gets 40 to 60 chatters (with an unknown number using the stickam chat), and Hall of Fire a more manageable 20-40, depending on the topic (co-ordinating a serious discussion becomes harder the more people you have).

General chat itself (consisting of regulars and drop-ins) usually averages between 20 and 40, depending on the time of day, and the day of the week.

Statistic Information Resources

Demosthenes' notes: 1. Netsplit.de "crawls" us once an hour, so it's possible for it to miss the actual peak. 2. Our true peak on November 28, 2012 was 438. That's slightly larger than the circa-416 we had in the main channel/room, because some people chat exclusively in other rooms. 3. The current maxclients (limited by the server configuration) is 550.

SearchIRC: http://searchirc.com/network/TheOneRing,
Demosthenes' notes: The long-term graphs from this site are dubious and definitely under-report on our peaks. The short-term reporting is quite accurate though.

Technical Information

What follows is a narrative from Demosthenes. This could get rewritten into a more objective form down the road. 17

The IRC FAQ I and Arathorn compiled years ago is mostly still relevant. http://archives.theonering.net/barlimans/faq.html

The channels list is dated, though. We now direct casual chatters mibbit now not jirc. Barliman's menu has changed a lot, and rules-wise, we're probably slightly more relaxed than we used to be. That's pretty important -- basically our etiquette boils down to "be nice, don't swear".

The regulars gallery is defunct and I don't think those IRC add-ons are available anymore.

Re: server software, etc., the IRC daemon (server software) we run is a package called Unreal IRCD. Version no. is 3.2.8

We also offer a services package on top of that perform nickserv and memoserv functions for our users, as well as administrative bits and bobs related to channel management (a server can host any number of channels/rooms, and users can connect to many at once). The services package we use is called IRC Services.

On top of /that/ we have several Eggdrops. An Eggdrop is a robot who can be programmed to offer different services in a channel. "Barliman" helps moderate swearwords for us, greets people and provides nifty/amusing bar services. He does this in several key channels. "Elrond" is another Eggdrop that provides Tolkien trivia in a separate dedicated trivia channel. "The_Gaffer" does the same with general (real world) trivia in yet another channel.


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Information in the sections, "User Statistics" and "Technical Information" supplied by Demosthenes, Senior Staff and IRC Operator