In 2009-10, members of the TORn History Project Steering Committee brainstormed a list of suggested topics. This list became the foundation for the Site Map but the original list, preserved below, reflects thoughts caught in a moment of time.

Basic information

...about that is not an accounting of any historical event, etc.

  • An index to's website
    • Current Site
    • Old Archived Site
  • A list of TORn Staff - bios

Real Life Events has sponsored, co-sponsored, or participated in.

  • Line Parties (does this belong here or in the Fan Community Support?)
  • ComicCon panels
  • Moots
  • Oscar Parties
  • ORC Conventions
  • DragonCons & ComicCons
  • LOTR Live to Projection Symphonies

Virtual/Online Events, Promotions, and Contents has sponsored, co-sponsored, or participated in.

  • Founder's Day
  • Cryptic Crossword Challenge
  • Hall of Fire chat series in Barliman's
  • Make the Hobbit Happen
  • April Fools' Pranks

Projects has led or contributed to.

  • publishing of TORn-related fan books
  • Fictional Frontiers interviews (not sure if this is the best spot for this)
  • Tree planting in NZ
  • Embassy Theatre|Embassy Theatre Seat Funding

Message Board Culture

  • Scheduled and Occasional Discussions
(descriptions and links)
  • old message board discussions (like links we collected at the end of the old boards and NEB's links)
  • geeky observation list (which migrated from the message boards to the front page)
  • TiME (which also for special occasions migrates from the message boards to the front page)
  • SFTH
  • QTNA
  • Get to know your TORnsibs
  • Middle-earth Recipes
  • Walk to Rivendell
  • Fiesta Friday
  • Events and Projects
    • Map Project
    • Homecoming Fiesta Friday(November)
    • Flat Frodo

Personal Stories

  • Tehanu's initial spy-fiasco and the studio's subsequent reconciliation with her
  • Quickbeam's invitation and visit to the sets
  • Sibs' personal experiences meeting cast/crew/etc. on visits to signings/film locations/WETA Cave/etc. on personal visits/official tours
  • Maybe a section on TORn-members who meet and marry.

History of the Movies (as seen through the lens of TORn)

what TORn reported or did in connection with the movies, especially in ways that might not exist from other sources

Technical Aspect of the website

history of the physical part of TORn, basically Bill Thomasís (Corvarís) story

  • What was involved in getting a server and a place to house it?
  • What kind of up-grades were made and when?
  • What kind of problems and emergencies were there? Wasnít there a major meltdown once?
  • the differences between old and new boards.

Fan Community Support

  • fan-site spinoffs
    • The Bastards Have Landed - PJ fan spin-off site hosted on TORn server
    • Rolozo Tolkien spin-off site hosted on TORn server
    • Middle-earth Tours spin-off site hosted on TORn server

Opinion Pieces

  • TORn's influence on filmmaker's relationship with fans
  • TORn's purpose, nature, culture
  • what impact TORn made on internet fandom / popular culture

Press, Articles, and Books about

  • Index Lists
    • Articles Referencing TORn
    • Books Referencing TORn


  • Clean up and Monitor the Wikipedia Entry for TORn
  • Timeline - maybe general ones broken into smaller ones with details


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