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Short Attention Span Theater (SAST) is a weekly participatory amusement thread posted on the Main Forum first by Roheryn. Each quiz features five questions, usually a mix of hard and easy, derived from a single chapter of either the The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King, or The Hobbit (TH) books. The chapters for each week are presented in random order but kept to whichever book is being covered at the moment until all chapters in that book are completed.

Quizzes are always strictly closed book, and cheaters are threatened with various calamities. Answers and scores for each quiz are posted after it closes; scores can range from perfect (i.e., a 5) to 0. Anyone who scored a 3 or less was welcome to take a seat on the Mediocrity Bench, and parties were known to break out spontaneously there.

The quizmistress can award Invisible Extra Credit (IEC) for funny answers, if they make her laugh. IEC is not figured into the score.


The Short Attention Span Theatre (SAST) quizzes were created and first posted in 2002 by Widfara. In late 2002, jflower and Roheryn assumed the role of joint quizmistresses.

The Lord of the Rings was covered in two separate series of quizzes and The Hobbit once before the quiz fell into hiatus sometime before the new Message Boards were opened in February 2007. Special edition SAST quizzes were posted as part of the September 22 Frodo and Bilbo's birthday celebrations in 2008 (2008 answers) and 2011.

Roheryn revived the series in January 2013 using chapters from The Hobbit.

For the pre-2013 series, scores from every participant were recorded and at the completion of each series, virtual prizes and some real prizes too were awarded in various categories to regular participants. Prize categories include High Score, Most Perfectly Mediocre, Biggest Earner of IEC, Perfect Attendance, and others.

most information in this article supplied by Roheryn, one of the quizmistresses of Short Attention Span Theater


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