A discussion series examining LOTR movie screencaps held on TORn's Message Boards


Screen-cap of the Day is a regular twice-weekly board discussion on the LOTR-movie forum where volunteers post questions for discussion based on a screen-cap of their choice from one of the Lord of the Rings trilogy movies. The discussion leader posts "parts" in movie-scene order once monthly with TORn members volunteering for the week of their choice.

One time discussion leader, Mortae, had this to say about SCOD:

SCOD in its tried and true form just allows the board to be consistent with a task that is simple and easy to do, or without greater effort. It allows new members to join in and take part in easier discussions. Aside from learning how to post pictures someone can start cold and generate interest based solely upon the picture they choose and why. That really helps this board. It keeps both new and old members coming back. 1

This discussion was started on the old TORn boards by canadanthony in 2001, and ran for a bit. After canadanthony left the boards, Mortae picked up the discussions. Arwen's daughter took over the SCOD on TORn's new boards with her first post being on June 25, 2007. One Ringer took over organizational duties in March 2011 and Loresilme in July 2014.


1 Mar 19 2007 ~ TORn Message Board post by Mortae: Who doesn't love icons

general information provided by Arwen's daughter


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