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Scenes From The Hat (SFTH) is a participatory amusement thread posted bi-monthly on the Main Forum by AlassŽa Eruvande. Inspired by a rapid-fire game from "Whose Line Is It Anyway" called Scenes From a Hat, each thread poses a question and participants are encouraged to provide the "most ridiculous, funny, absurd, provocative, pun-inducing, or all-of-the-above answer." The answers are posted as one-liners in the subject head of each post. Message Board members are invited to submit ideas for future threads. 1


SFTH discussions were started by Mrs. Boromir as a random thread on TORn's old Discussion Boards. When Mrs. Boromir left, Aerlinn led the discussion for a while and in 2008, AlassŽa Eruvande took over.

vs Middle-earth Conspiracy Theories

When someone asked what the difference was between SFTH and Middle-earth Conspiracy Theories, Ataahua replied, "Scenes from the Hat covers pretty much anything, while Middle-Earth Conspiracy Theories has a conspiracy theories bent. Other than that, itís all about having idiotic fun."


1 March 22, 2012 ~ Message Board Post by AlassŽa Eruvande: Scenes From The Hat

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