What Needs to Be Done

I have developed the bare minimum of this topic. As it stands, it is adequate as an informational article. But there is potentially more information that could be added.

Some topics to cover or develop further?

  • TORn's association with the documentary - what form did it take?
  • TORn staffers involved in the project? - I have a list started but may have inadvertently left out people.
  • Personages, associations, companies, etc. involved in the project (outside of TORn personnel - that would give the project some cachet)
  • Reviews and revenue from the documentary?
  • ??

Try to grab a screenshot of the home page of the official site. It has a redirect that is broken. http://archives.theonering.net/ringers/index.shtml
archive.org does not have a capture of this page. It will have to be a screenshot.

Magpie May 03, 2013, at 10:12 AM

May 9, 2013 email to TORn staff from Carlene Cordova - do not quote in article - just use links, if desired, for article:

Sony is [now] publicizing "Ringers: Lord of the Fans" a bit and has gotten it on iTunes, Google video, Amazon, Netflix etc.. I'm working on a new website.

Remember that's MrCere's voice in our trailer and he opens the film! ; )

Ringers on iTunes:

Ringers new "official" Sony Pictures Website:

Ringers on Amazon Instant Video:

We also got some nice press recently as well.