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Wednesday? Wonderful! Why? The answer: Questions! QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERING!
QTNA - PJ'S Day!
QTNA - Four is a crowd
QTNA - About those Elves? Calling all movie-firsters!
QTNA - Thanksgiving Day...
Sit down, take a deep breath, and check out QTNA for today
Happy Birthday, Professor! - QTNA - What would he say?
QTNA - Homage to Orlando
QTNA - Franchises and fans or there & back again, and again, and again
QTNA - Peter Jackson casts crucial role... "Not that Elijah guy!"
QTNA - Elijah's Birthday
QTNA - Fools and Foolishness
QTNA - 4/8/08
QTNA - for April 16
QTNA - 4/29/08
QTNA - 5/14/08 - Turning Points!
QTNA - 5/20/08 - Heroes
QTNA - 5/28 - Hurray for the new LOTR movie boards!!! Thanks, TORN
QTNA - 6/4 (sorry, a bit late) 6/5 - A question, or, "Really. It is all about me."
QTNA - 6/10/08 - FRESH BLOOD
QTNA - 6/19 (late as usual) - All NEW (mostly new, anyway) Summer Edition!!
QTNA - Summer Edition R-E-S-P-E-C-T what it means to GDT
QTNA - Summer Edition - CELEBRATE! Come to the FREE FAIR!
QTNA - Summer Edition - T SHIRT CONTEST
QTNA - Summer Edition - We're mad as heck and we're not going to take it!!!!
QTNA - (EI) Past winners of the 'First Annual Free Fair T Shirt Contest'
QTNA - The broad board view and review by you
QTNA - Where in the World are the TORN SIBS?
QTNA - It's all about sibs. A lot of links. Please take a look
QTNA - Is there more to life than Dragon Con?
QTNA - It's Labor Day here in America, so we'd better get to work!
QTNA - Back to basics. Attention movie-firsters and all LOTR and PJ's fans!
QTNA - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Bilbo and dear Frodo!
QTNA - Six degrees of geek or magnificent obsessions
Oh! No! Almost didn't make it! We have a QTNA for Howard Shore's birthday!
Doing it again! Halloween and Peter Jackson's day! Time for a celebration at QTNA!
Let's try this again?? - QTNA - Frodo and the "F" word
QTNA - the gift of giving
QTNA - DVD extras - the good stuff!
QTNA - DVDs, Appendices, showbiz and a quiz