In our early, brainstorming phase, members of the TORn History Project Steering Committee tried to identify the purpose of TORn History Project.

What Purpose Does a History of TORn Serve?

  • functions as a guidebook/welcome center/concierge desk, etc. for short and long term visitors
  • having a system in place makes it easier to document as things are happening
  • New people are discovering the LOTR films all the time - they will come at the information with fresh (not nostalgic) eyes
  • Any fan website that has thrived for 10 years deserves some attention and documentation as to why.
  • We can link to it and make it part of the FAQ (that all the newbies read first thing before they do anything else ;-).

Who is Our Projected Target Audience?

  • people wanting to revisit/relive the heady days of the LOTR movies
  • current users of the site
  • future historians covering web culture
  • newbies / people who're looking for a community they can be a part of and people they can identify with
  • media, or scholars or students stop by looking for input
    • people researching the site or...
    • people researching the movies' histories
    • filmmakers (i.e. Peter/GdT) also come here for research/information


Project Overview
Why TORn Matters
Suggested Topics
Mission Statement
Project FAQ