The TORn Mathom-house is a collaborative, virtual project to collect, organize, and display the history, contributions and impact of the Tolkien-based fan community website known as (TORn)

The germ of this project was conceived during the 2009 celebration of TORn's 10th Anniversary. A handful of people gathered to discuss the possibility and it was decided to move forward on the dream.

A Steering Committee was formed to discuss and plan the development and debut of the project. Our first task was to discuss Why TORn Matters. Then we sought to identify the Project's Purpose: "What purpose would a history of TORn serve?" and "Who would our target audience be?" With that in mind, we brainstormed a list of Suggested Topics that could be explored and covered.

Upon getting a good sense of the project's purpose and goals, we developed a Mission Statement and decided on a name: The TORn Mathom-house.

Since this project was always perceived as a collaborative one, a wiki setup seemed well suited to developing and ultimately displaying the results of the project. Communication about the project will take place primarily at's Message Boards.

This project truly belongs to the TORn Community. We will work collaboratively, each contributing in a way that suits their interests, skills, knowledge and time availability. This is truly a house that will be built by a community. People who know how to frame a house will work next to people who have never picked up a hammer. As we walk through the halls, if any of us sees a piece of litter on the floor or a picture askew on the wall, we will take responsibility for addressing it. We are inspired to honor the contributions has made to our community of Tolkien fans and are ready, as a community, to give back.

If you have questions or would like to help develop and/or edit topics you can contact us at: