Who are the contributors to this project?

As the project starts, we are recruiting volunteers for the TORn (TheOneRing.net) Mathom-house (TMH) project from the TORn Message Board community. This is for many reasons. The conceptualizers of the project were all message board members and were familiar with the community. The message board has a active core of members that are used to collaborating on various projects. The message boards give us easy access to a 'forum' (literally) for advertising and promoting the project and recruiting volunteers.

Once the TMH project starts to develop a solid base of basic information and works out some of the bugs of the wiki and the collaborative, research, and editing process we hope to expand our volunteer base to people outside the message boards. Anyone with any information about TORn--whether their association with TORn be current, past, or merely peripheral--will be potential contributors to the TMH project.

For more information, contact us at:

Why is editing password protected?

Simply to prevent having to deal with spam and edits with malicious intent. Editing privileges will be given to anyone who seems sincere in their willingness to contribute to the project. Contact Magpie if you'd like to have editing privileges.

What is a wiki?

"The simplest online database that could possibly work." Ward Cunningham, the developer of the first wiki software, WikiWikiWeb 1

Lots of information is available online about wikis in terms of concept and technical execution. I'd rather touch on how a wiki works for our project.

A wiki is a piece of software that allows multiple users to create, edit, and display web pages and their content using their web browser which suits the needs of the TORn's Mathom-house project quite well. Some attributes of a wiki are:

  • Content can be added and edited over time and by multiple people.
  • Nothing is ever lost on a wiki page. If something goes terribly awry, you can revert to a previously saved version of the page.
  • Each article page has a partner 'discuss' page where people can conduct side talk while developing an article.

What may be a new concept for some is that content on the wiki does not belong to one person. Everyone works toward making an article the best it can be which means that anyone can edit the content at any time. Since the goal is the same for all of us, we will strive towards communal editing that is respectful and accepted.

Many wikis are open for anyone to edit. This wiki will not be. Just in the interest of avoiding malicious or inappropriate activity, one will need an account to edit any portion of the TORn Mathom-house wiki.

If you have information you'd like to contribute, contact us at:



1 Cunningham, Ward, What is a Wiki