Nine feature topics: active 1999-2004*
archived on "Old TORn"


On July 12, 1999, a "Features Page" was added to house "Xoanon Rants," "Tehanu's Notes", and "NZ Exclusive." 1 Over time, six more "Feature" sections were added with the last date to any of them occurring in December 2002.

TORn's "Newbie Guide" explained the "Features" section thusly:

"Here you will see why we like to think of ourselves as a magazine. We don't want to be a site that only brings you the news, so we also write in-depth articles about what fascinates us. Check out Xoanon’s rants, which provide his view of how the movies will look or should look, or Tehanu’s notes and the New Zealand exclusives, in which Tehanu, another founder of TORn, writes about her many hikes around New Zealand and her really fascinating views on Tolkien’s impact on literature. Here you will also find exclusive set reports, interviews that our staff has held with people who are somehow involved with Tolkien’s works, and much, much more..."
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Page Skins

Of the nine content areas in the "Features" section of "Old TORn," six used the same skin as the Home Page, changing from Corner Border Motif #1 to #2 at the same time the Home Page did and one more, "NZ Exclusive," used the Home Page skin but did not change. Three of those seven, "Tehanu's Notes," "NZ Exclusive," and "Script Review," had an additional small image off to the side of their index pages. (The four that were exactly the same as the Home Page throughout were "Spy Reports," "Xoanons Rant," "Newsroom," and "Interviews".)

Two others, "Galadriel's Mirror" and "Glaurung's Hoard" had the same shape as the 1999-2001 Home Page (Corner Border Motif #1) but with their own unique collage of images in the border shape and no Random Image Display in the corner.

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Sub-sections of "Features"

Xoanon Rants | 1999-2000

"Xoanon Rants" was a feature series on TORn from about May 25, 1999 to May 24, 2000 in which Xoanon provided thoughts on the LOTR book-to-film process on a (book) chapter by chapter basis. On July 12, 1999, a new section called "Features Page" was added to house "Xoanon Rants," "Tehanu's Notes", and "NZ Exclusive" 2

Mathom-house Wiki Article: "Xoanon Rants"
Index Page at TORn: Xoanon Rants

Tehanu's Notes | 1999-2004 (+2008*)

"Tehanu's Notes" was a feature series on TORn from June 4, 1999 to June 13, 2008* where Tehanu sought to explore why the writings of JRR Tolkien mattered so much to her and other people by looking "at the nature of fantasy, creativity, writing, history, the world and everything in it." 3 On July 12, 1999, a new section called "Features Page" was added to house "Xoanon Rants," "Tehanu's Notes", and "NZ Exclusive" 4

*The last article in the "Features" section was written on April 29, 2004. Two articles were published on New TORn's WordPress platform and do not appear on the Old TORn Site Index Page. See "Tehanu's Notes Wiki Article for more info.

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NZ Exclusives | 1999-2001

"NZ Exclusives" was a feature series on TORn from May 9, 1999 to March 22, 2001. The articles in this series, primarily written by Tehanu, provided a peek into the LOTR filming process from the vantage point of being in New Zealand.

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Index Page at TORn: NZ Exclusives

The Newsroom | 2001-2002

"The Newsroom" was a collection of chats, interviews, and press event reports with LOTR related people that occurred between February 27, 2001 to December 13, 2002.

Mathom-house Wiki Article: "The Newsroom"
Index Page at TORn: The Newsroom

Interviews | 1999-2000

"Interviews" was a collection of exclusive interviews with "the people that make the Tolkien community unique." 5 The site debuted on August 27, 1999, 6 the date of the first interview, and the final interview for this section in "Features" was posted May 30, 2000. 7

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Galadriel's Mirror | 2000

"Galadriel's Mirror" was a collection of five spy reports—posted between May 18 and August 16, 2000—from a Ringer Spy named "Galadriel." (Galadriel also contributed information to 7 articles posted on TORn but not housed in "Galadriel's Mirror.")

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Page at Old TORn: Galadriel's Mirror

Glaurung's Hoard | 2000-2002

"Glaurung's Hoard" was a page in the "Features" section of "Old TORn" that was created in December 2000 to house some (but apparently not all) of NZ Ringer Spy, Glaurung's, "very unofficial and exclusive reports from behinds the scenes of the LOTR Movies!" All the articles can be accessed at the Glaurung News Archives with the "Glaurung's Hoard" page displaying the most recent articles in a news feed style. 8

Mathom-house wiki article: "Glaurung's Hoard"
News Feed Page at Old TORn: Glaurung's Hoard
All Articles at TORn: Glaurung News Archives

Xoanon's Script Review | 1999

"Xoanon's Script Review" contained 4 articles reviewing an early LOTR two-movie script written by Peter Jackson for Miramax and one article answering fan questions about the script (all posted November 1999).

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Index Page at TORn: Xoanon's Script Review

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