nine showcase areas of fan creative efforts : active 1999-2005*
archived on "Old TORn"


A new section housed on the subdomain,, debuted on July 12, 1999. At the time it was created, it was stated, "This is YOUR page. We want as much feedback on sections to add, features you want, and anything your heart desires. So put those thinking caps on!" 1

References to this area sometimes used the name, "Fan Section," and sometimes a label derived from the subdomain, "" This subdomain also housed links to other Tolkien website sites in an area that was known as either " Community" or " Community" so not all references to "" are for the "Fan Section."

In November 2001, further updates in the poetry, writing, and recipe sections of "Moon Letters" (but not fan written essays) were placed in "Green Books" rather than "Fan Section." The "Fan News and Updates" feed continued until the TORn 2007 Server Crash when the entire site was redone using a WordPress platform. Otherwise, only minimal updates were made to housed creative content in "Fan Section" after the end of 2001.

Index Page at TORn: Fan Section Index
Newbie Guide: The Fan Section
News Archives: Fan News

Throughout its documented history, the "Fan Section" of "Old TORn" used a skin very similar to the 1999-2001 Standard Home Page but the images within the Corner Border Motif and the gallery of images for the round Corner Random Image Display were unique to this section.

Mathom-house Wiki Article: Old TORn Site : Fan Section Skins

Sub-sections of "Fan Section"

"Fan Art" | 1999-2002

"Fan Art" was a section of TORn that housed fan-submitted illustrations, paintings, drawings, image manipulations, sculptures, doll making.

TORn opened a "Fan Art" section on June 8, 1999, after it proved to be a popular topic on the Message Boards. 2 Page Captures at the Internet Archive indicates the page was not updated again after the August 29, 2002 capture. They also show the Fan Art area loaded the Fan Section skin up until at least February 2009. When the page was next captured in 2012, the skin no longer loaded, only the index of thumbnails and links.

Entrance Page at TORn: Fan Art
Complete List at TORn: Fan Art

"Fan Wallpaper" | 1999-2001

An area for fan created desktop wallpapers was added to the Fan Section in June 1999. 3 Research at the Internet Archive indicates the page was not updated after the December 4, 2001 page capture.

Entrance Page at TORn: Fan Wallpaper
Complete List at TORn: Fan Wallpaper

"Fan Multimedia" | 1999-2003

Many of the items in TORn's "Fan Multimedia" section were intended for use or enjoyment on a computer. This section also housed fan created trailers.

The addition of "Fan Multimedia" was announced on July 24, 1999. 4

The subsections of the "Fan Multimedia" area include:
dates derived from first capture and last evidence of an update at Internet Archive

Trailers | October 1999-February 2000
Active Desktops | October 1999 (only one ever offered)
Animations | June 2000-November 2001
Themes | October 1999-November 2001
Icons | June 2000 (only two ever offered)
Interactive Maps | June 2000 (only one ever offered)
Skins | June 2000-November 2001
ScreenSavers | October 2000-January 2003
Misc (Sim City Modules) | June 2000 (only item ever offered)
Index Page at TORn: Fan Multimedia

"Moon Letters" (Writing) | 1999-2005

"Moon Letters" was a section of TORn that was comprised of creative writing submissions from fans including, essays, poetry, short stories and fan fiction, song lyrics, recipes, and craft instructions. It was actively updated from 1999-2005 but was housed in two different subdomains during this period.

Wiki Article: Moon Letters
Index Page at Moon Letters
Index Page at Moon Letters

"Fan Music" | 2000-2001

"Fan Music" was an area of TORn that housed music files created by fans and inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's writings. It was was added May 5, 2000 5 and Page Captures at the Internet Archive indicates the page was not updated after the June 30, 2001 page capture.

Index Page at TORn: Fan Music

"E-Cards" | 1999

TORn's Tolkien E-card (electronic card) service was first mentioned December 15, 1999 6

One could chose from a variety of images (some drawn from fan created artwork),add a personalize message, and send it to the recipient of their choice. The first page capture at Internet Archive shows the same image choices as is available in 2013... indicating the site was never updated with new images beyond the initial offering. It doesn't appear that the service still works.

Page at TORn: Tolkien E-Cards

"Pippin's Movie Reviews" | 2000

"Pippin's Movie Reviews" debuted May 9, 2000. 7
The reviews were written by Torn Staffer, Pippin Took, and many of the movies were ones including LOTR cast and crew members.

Researching page captures at the Internet Archive show that sometime between April and July 2001, the link for "Movie Reviews" disappeared from the left sidebar index. Although one category of "Moon Letters" was labeled, "Essays & Reviews," this category existed before the disappearance of "Pippin's Movie Reviews" and it doesn't contain any of these non-Tolkien movie reviews.

The index of links to the various reviews was found housed on TORn's servers. Comparing the titles in this index to the ones in the first page capture at the Internet Archive indicates that all reviews had been uploaded by August 15, 2000.

Internet Archive; August 15, 2000 page capture: Pippin's Movie Reviews
Links index of "Pippin's Movie Reviews" stored on TORN: Index of /reviews/archives

Fan News and Updates

A news updater was added to the Fan Section on March 15, 2000. 8 The last story posted in the Fan Section News was on October 09, 2007. 9

"Fan News and Updates" was a news updater that functioned very much like the Home Page display of news articles. Notification of updates to "Fan Section" and "Fan Community" were posted here as well as general Tolkien or LOTR movie articles contributed mainly by the fan community that were mostly local in nature. They included:

announcements, writeups, and reviews of: local events, fan meetups, contests, and conventions
reports of LOTR movie promotional items, ticket sales, and line parties
fan created artwork posted as an article instead of adding it to the library of work
information about Tolkien inspired craftsmen and artists: bands, Tolkien-language translators

Only the few most recent stories were displayed and the rest were stored in a Fan News Archives section.

"LOTR Comics" | 2000

The "LOTR Comics" section was added July 21, 2000. 10

Page captures at the Internet Archive indicate that the debut page showed one comic strip (housed at another site) and provided two links to external sites. That one comic strip went unchanged until it disappeared (leaving an error message) sometime between December 7, 2002 and April 9, 2003. The next page captures on April 9, 2003 shows and empty page other than an "Under Construction" note. The link to "Comics" on the "Fan Section" index page remained in place till it was shut down as part of the conversion from "Old TORn" to "New TORn" and the "Under Construction" page still remains.

Internet Archive; August 15, 2008 page capture: LOTR Comics


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