Terms ascribed to two eras of TORn
determined by the style of content organization before and after the 2007 server crash

TORn's 2007 Server Crash

In mid-October, 2007, TORn suffered a catastrophic hardware failure that took the site offline (except for TORn's and KiKn's Message Boards which were housed on different servers). At this time, all existing material was archived in a subdomain at TORn called archives.theonering.net and the link on the Home Page that lead to this section was titled, "Old TORn Site." And all content added to the site from that point forward was managed by a WordPress platform.

Old TORn & New TORn

Although "Old TORn" (and "Old TORn Site") and "New TORn" were used sparingly in an official capacity, the terms easily describe the difference in the site's content organization before and after the crash. Therefore this history project, The TORn Mathom-house, will use the terms as needed to distinguish between the two systems.

Finding the Old TORn Site

All the recovered material contained on the TORn servers at the time of the October 2007 crash were housed on a subdomain of TORn called "archives."

After the crash, the 2007 New TORn Home Page had a link for the "Old TORn Site." That link led to the Old TORn style Home Page with the layout and links from that old site design intact.

In mid-October 2012, TORn again changed the Home Page design. In this layout, the archived Old TORn Site can be found by accessing the pull down menu under "About" and clicking "TORn Archive."

Content Organizational Differences Between Old TORn & New TORn

Old TORn

Content on Old TORn was organized one way for news reports and another for non-news based, informational content.

Only the most recent News Reports on TORn were displayed on the Home Page. The rest were grouped into 7 days sections and housed in archived areas.

Non-news based, informational content was housed in different sections. These were accessed through an expandable menu, navigation list. When the active site was redesigned in October 2012, that expandability stopped functioning but it can still be observed at the Internet Archive.

New TORn

New TORn used WordPress. With this content management system, all content is added as an 'article' and content is categorized by applying tags. A few tags appear as links on the Home Page. All tags applied to each News Article appear at the bottom of that article. Clicking on one of those tags will display all articles that have that tag applied to them.

For the most part, by October 2007, when the site converted to WordPress, the information found in the various Old TORn Site : Sections was no longer being updated. So all the content found for any section can be found by looking through that section on Old TORn. In a few cases, new information for a category was added after the WordPress conversion. In those cases, a tag with the name of the category was applied. To find content for those categories, one must look in the section on Old TORn and look for tags on New TORn.

Some of these categories are:

The Archive Subdomain for "Old TORn" and Broken Links

The entire "Old TORn Site" is housed as a subdomain, called "archives," of TheOneRing.net. So, whereas the current TORn site can be found at the url theonering.net (or www.theonering.net), the "Old TORn Site" is found at the url archives.theonering.net (www is not used for the subdomain). Occasionally, a link at TORn will lead to a generic "error" page. In that case, one might try replacing the "www" in the target url with "archives."

Some links to these old pages are dead even when one replaces "www" with "archives" but the link may be kept in a Mathom-house Wiki Article so that the old url can be used to investigate that page at the Internet Archive.


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