The TORn Mathom-house is a collaborative, virtual project to collect, organize, and display the history, contributions and impact of the Tolkien-based fan community website known as (TORn)

The goal of the project is to use a wiki system to accurately capture, attractively present, and make easily accessible the virtual content and real world contributions made by the founders, staff, members and contributors to Like the tale and the site it has sprung from, the Mathom-house will grow in the telling and content will become accessible over time as it develops.

The TORn Mathom-house will provide a central site to orient newcomers and visitors to, serve as an official source for those researching or writing about TORn, website communities or topics related to content on TORn, and provide a standard and easy way for storing and retrieving past, present and future website content.

The TORn Mathom-house will also provide discretionary support to TORn related entities or endeavors, some with their own Mission Statements.

The TORn Mathom-house is an entirely volunteer-based effort, organized by, for and with the help of members of the TORn community. If you have questions about this wiki or how you can become a contributor, contact us at

We welcome your interest in documenting and sharing the history, content, value and impact of


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