A periodic recipe sharing thread held on TORn's Message Boards


Middle-earth Recipes, a recipe-sharing thread, ran on a roughly monthly basis from October 2008 to September 2009. The recipes being shared each month would be inspired by a different Middle-earth location that followed the route of the Fellowship. In each thread, the next month's location was posted so people could be thinking ahead about recipes suitable for that location.

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18 September 2008 Shire Recipes
15 October 2008 Middle-earth Recipes: Woody End
15 November 2008 Middle-earth Recipes: Farmer Maggot's
15 December 2008 Middle-earth Recipes: Crickhollow
15 January 2009 Middle-earth Recipes: Tom Bombadil's
29 January 2009 Middle-earth Recipes: The Prancing Pony
12 February 2009 Middle Earth recipes: Rivendell
29 April 2009 Middle Earth Recipes: Hollin country
14 May 2009 Middle Earth Recipes: The Mines of Moria
28 May 2009 From Moria to the edge of Lothlorien: Middle Earth Recipes
11 June 2009 Middle Earth Recipes: Lothlórien!
30 September 2009 Middle Earth Recipes: The Journey Continues! Reaching Fangorn...
8 March 2011 A hobbity recipe