A book written by TORn staffers

This article is about the book. For the bracketed elimination competition, see Middle-earth March Madness Tournament.

Middle-earth Madness is a book by TheOneRing.net published September 15, 2014 about the first two Hobbit films. It primarily features contributions from J.W. Braun (Celedor) and Kirsten Cairns (greendragon) but also includes chapters by Cliff Broadway (Quickbeam), K.M. Rice (Happy Hobbit), John Webster (Aragorn the Elfstone), Michael Urban (Ostadan), Nancy Steinman (Mithril), Larry Curtis (MrCere), Catherine Frizat and Kristin Thompson, as well as input from other staff members. The cover features TheOneRing.net logo.

The book analyzes the films section by and includes interviews with the filmmakers. It also looks back at The Lord of the Rings movies and includes an in depth interview with Mark Ordesky recounting the history of the project.

50% of the profits went to TORn and 50% to the writers. 1

As of January 6, 2015 there had been 356 digital downloads. The average rating (in January) was 4.5 stars out of 5 at Amazon.com and 4.33 stars out of 5 at Goodreads.com 2


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