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Articles that are set up but empty of information

Lots of the entries in this list have article pages started and set up but have virtually no information on them. This is so the visiting reader can easily add information they might have. If you have information, add it. If you are willing to adopt a thread/discussion series, please do. I have tried to provide guidelines for what is needed ... along with a start on gathering info ... on the Discuss/Comment page for each article. To find threads/discussions that need work, peruse the list (by clicking on links) and look for a "Work in Progress" or "Adopt This Article" label.

Regarding Threads That Could Get Added

Please keep in mind. We are not trying to document the history and culture of the Message Boards. We are trying to document the history and impact of the website: TheOneRing.net. There are ways that the history and culture of the Message Boards contribute toward that goal. But we must always evaluate how and let that drive our inclusion of material here. I think it is important to touch on some of these threads because they very well could get mentioned in other articles and because it does show to what extent people participate, share, and feel at home on the Message Boards. But we are not necessarily looking to include every 'recurring' thread series held on TORn. It should be of some importance to the largest audience possible to warrant inclusion. And this section is only dealing with 'Periodic' threads with 'periodic' defined as "Happening or appearing at regular intervals. Recurring or reappearing from time to time." In almost all occasions, these threads have consistent names and some protocol for posting. (only one person posts, posted on a specific day, people sign up for hosting, etc.) We don't want to include birthday or other congratulatory threads, Famous-X died recently posts, parody threads, etc.

I found this post by N.E. Brigand:

I have less information about the other boards, but my sense is that the LOTR-Movie board has no more regular discussion now than it has had at any point over the past five years or so, perhaps since the release of ROTK, or certainly of its DVD. In early 2005, at any rate, there were two overlapping discussions posted almost daily: the ROTK-EE scene discussions, and "The Middle-earth Files". As for Main, that board has had semi-regularized or repeating discussions for a much longer time, particularly as there used to be no OT board. A quick skim over the posts for the first two weeks of December 2003 (a period for which I have links to many but not all the threads) shows Bilbo's Brainteasers (weekly); the SAST quiz and results (weekly); Fiesta Friday (weekly); the EIA humor quiz and subsquent highlight thread (weekly); gramma's Book Spoiler and TIME threads (alternating daily?); birthday threads (daily); Amatire's Tolkien Trivia Time (weekly?); and 15 different threads on obscure Tolkien poems, posted by NZ Strider.

Those highlighted in yellow could be good candidates for inclusion in this article/list but I don't, at the moment, have enough info on them. The poems seem a bit similar to lots of other studies of that take place in the Reading Room so I'm not sure they belong in this list.

If someone has more info on them (or other threads not in the list nor mentioned by NEB)... enough to warrant starting an article page and they're willing to work on it... they can contact me and I will set up the pages for them to work. Magpie
I am not so keen on people giving me info they want me to work up. The bulk of the work on this site cannot be done by one person alone and I have to prioritize my attention. :-)

Some links for Tolkien Trivia Time


"Tolkien Trivia Time first appeared on the main discussion boards at TheOneRing.net as a bi-monthly Thursday slot. And except where otherwise stated were all written by TORn Ringer Amatire."