A list of discussion series or concept threads
held currently or in the past on TORn's Message Boards

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Periodic Threads: a definition

These are threads/discussions that meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • Are periodic in the sense of: a) happening or appearing at regular intervals. b) Recurring or reappearing from time to time.
  • They often are hosted only by one person, a designated person, or a person who has signed up to host the thread/discussion
  • They often have specific names that they go by - and many have acronyms that are widely used by the community
  • Many people contribute to the insightful or clever content of the entire thread

If you feel a regularly posted thread needs to be in this list, please see the Discuss page

Annotated Links

Main Forum

Bilbo’s Brainteasers: (needs description)

Book Spoilers (BS): random quotes from "The Hobbit," The Lord of the Rings," or "The Silmarillion"

Flashbacks: a retrospective thread highlighting Tolkien related events taking place during that week in history

Middle-earth Conspiracy Theories: a participatory amusement thread

Middle-earth Recipes: a recipe sharing thread

Scenes From the Hat (SFTH): a participatory amusement thread

Short Attention Span Theater (SAST): a series of movie-based quizzes

Today in Middle-earth (TIME): quotes from "The Hobbit" or "The Lord of the Rings," highlighting events taking place on that date in Middle-earth

Walk to Rivendell: a Middle-earth themed fitness challenge and support

LOTR Movie

Did You Ever Notice: LOTR costume discussions

Geeky Observation List

GOLD Nuggets: discussions based on the Geeky Observation List

LOTR Annotated Scene Discussions: scene by scene discussions of the LOTR Movies

LOTR EE Appendices Discussions: discussions of various FOTR-EE and TTT-EE Appendices’ features

LOTR Movie Technical Discussions: discussions about the technical aspects of making the LOTR movies

LOTR Score Discussions: various discussions about the LOTR score music and/or lyrics

PROPS: discussions about the props found in the LOTR movies

Questions That Need Answering (QTNA: discussions of miscellaneous questions about the LOTR movies

Screencap of the Day (SCOD): discussions of LOTR movie screencaps (in movie order)

Memorable, Interesting Screen Caps (MISC): discussions of random LOTR movie screencaps

Hobbit Movie

Chapter of the Week (CHOW) : discussions of The Hobbit movie chapters (in movie order)

Off Topic

Social Sharing Discussions: a variety of periodic social sharing threads held on TORn's Message Boards


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Hobbit Movie
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