A variety of LOTR score music and/or lyric discussions held on TORn's Message Boards

Lyrics Discussion | 2008-2009

Discussions of lyrics used in the LOTR score were led, on an occasional basis, by hobbitlove and Ordinary Hobbit on the LOTR movie forum from November 2008 to June 2009.

Movie Music Trivia Game | 2007

Movie Music Trivia Games were conducted every week or two by Magpie in February and March of 2007. Audio clips highlighting musical concepts, themes, and sounds of the score were presented in a quiz format for amusement and discussion. "It's all for fun (I'm not keeping any score). There's no such thing as cheating (you can get your answers any way you want). We make up the rules as we go along and we change them anytime we want. Silly or joke answers are always welcome. And conversation can run concurrent with the game play." (Magpie) 1

The special edition involving silly sounds from the movie was posted on April Fools Day 2007 and reprised on April Fools Day 2011.

A Music Moment | 2008

A Music Moment posts looked closely at small moments or details in the LOTR score. They were posted in August-September 2008 on the LOTR movie forum by Magpie.

Music Notes | 2010

Music Notes took a look at screencaps posted recently in a Screencap of the Day thread and discussed them from a musical perspective. The discussion series was posted occasionally between April and December 2010 on the LOTR movie forum by Loresilme.


1 February 17, 2007 ~ Message Board Post by Magpie: Movie Music Trivia Game


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