Index of articles dealing with rumors, rumblings, and reports about the LOTR film trilogy
in the time periods leading up to any official release of information and/or the films’ releases


LOTR Cast - Credited Roles - credited, named roles and potential actors for those roles
LOTR Cast - Minor Roles - size doubles, riding doubles, stunt doubles, and stunt performers
LOTR Cast - Cameos
LOTR Cast - Extras - extra, uncredited roles


LOTR Crew - announcements of cast members attached to the film project

LOTR Film Music

LOTR Film Music - Score Composers
LOTR Film Music - Source Music
LOTR Film Music - Score Vocalists
LOTR Film Music - Score Instrumentalists

LOTR Filming Locations

LOTR Filming Locations - Hobbiton
LOTR Filming Locations - Bree
LOTR Filming Locations - Rohan
LOTR Filming Locations - Misc
LOTR Filming Locations - TORn Site Resources

LOTR Miscellaneous Rumor and Reports

LOTR Miscellaneous Rumors and Reports

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LOTR Rumor Sources

TORn Feature : Galadriel's Mirror - A feature page created on TORn for LOTR Ringer Super Spy "Galadriel"
LOTR Other Sources - a list of sources from which TORn drew LOTR movie rumors, rumblings, and reports or that they reported on that were making LOTR movie news - a page very much in the early stages of development.