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Other Sources that TORn drew from for rumors, rumblings, and reports about the LOTR movies

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Ain't It Cool News

common abbreviation: AICN
Xoanon said, "you all know Harry, he's been 100% with LOTR casting" 1
"New Line looks as though it might be able to play nice with fan sites. Director Jackson has already submitted to two Ain't It Cool Q&A's to soothe RTFs (Rabid Tolkien Fanatics) worried about the adaptation. And studio exec De Luca wrote AICN a mea culpa of sorts, offering his e-mail address for fans with questions." 2

1 1 Down 2 To Go... -- Updated! - September 2, 1999

2 Entertainment Weekly issue #(503) and cover date 9/17 - posted with permission: That EW Article - September 13, 1999


Cinescape / Cinescape Insider

I can find magazine covers with the title 'Cinescape' and covers with 'Cinescape Insider'. The style of the word 'Cinescape' is the same on both. I don't know if these are two related but distinct publications or if the name changed over time. There appears to be other entities (today) named Cinescape. A google search results shows the url for Cinescape Online to be cinescape.com but clicking it leads one to mania.com where the name Cinescape cannot be seen on the home page. A site search finds the article Cinescape Rises Again.

Corona Coming Attractions



The link for Imladris was www.lordoftheringsmovie.com Currently that web address leads to Middle-earth Enterprises which is a division of The Saul Zaentz Company, The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has archived pages for Imladris. Archives before and including Mar 30, 2002 show the site as Imladris.
On Jun 01, 2002, the site appears to be a clone of the lordoftherings.net official movie site.
On Sep 27, 2002, the site appears to be completely blank.
On Dec 20, 2002, the content is advertising LOTR merchandise with all links leading to Amazon.
On Dec 14, 2007, the site shows Tolkien Enterprises up until the final archive of May 24, 2008. Tolkien Enterprises was the earlier name of Middle-earth Enterprises.
January 7, 2003 : thread at Council of Elrond : Imladris.net -- "I just received this. As a member of the Imladris.net forums you might be interested to know that Imladris.net is for sale on Ebay. This sale includes the entire site: domain name, forum, comments, news and comments engine, etc..." "Anybody else feel like our souls are being sold?" What ensues is an interesting discussion of who owns content on a site, and the feeling of ownership that members/frequent viewers of that site have toward it. (I cannot reconcile the dates on this thread. They indicate a date a good year after the Imladris content is no longer visible at Internet Archive. It may be due to what the dates at Internet Archive indicate. Magpie)

Michael De Luca

President and Chief Operating Officer of New Line Productions (at time of LOTR). Xoanon called him emailiac 1 as he seemed to be comfortable with and prolific in chatting up fans by email, often divulging information about the LOTR movies to them.

Peter Jackson Online

"In Liverpool, Laurence Moss, webmaster for the unofficial Peter Jackson Online (welcome.to/pj-online), posted Holm's casting after "sources" e-mailed that they'd seen the actor in New Zealand, where filming is based." 2

1 TORn News Article: Bean IS Boromir!!!

2 Entertainment Weekly issue #(503) and cover date 9/17 - posted with permission: That EW Article - September 13, 1999


"Joram Manka, who heads the lavish Ringbearer.org (ringbearer.org) from North Prairie, Minn., has started an online petition to restore the mysterious, beloved character Tom Bombadil (think of him as the Rings' Boba Fett)-rumored to be scratched from the movie. Manka has 3,500 signatures so far, and upwards of 125,000 hits a week. 1

1 Entertainment Weekly issue #(503) and cover date 9/17 - posted with permission: That EW Article - September 13, 1999


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