An upswelling of fan and industry support for keeping New Zealand as the filming location for The Hobbit
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The New Zealand Herald, NZ: October 28, 2010

Three TORn Message Board members were quoted in a New Zealand Herald article discussing fan reaction to the news that the Hobbit film production would remain in New Zealand. 1

Article Quote:
The message boards of Lord of the Rings fan site had a steady flow of comments following Prime Minister John Key's announcement last night.
"My heartfelt congratulations to Peter Jackson, Weta and Co, the fans, and to New Zealand!" wrote "Owain."
"So happy with the news. Really hope those unions don't do anything during the production to make anyone regreat (sic) this wonderful news," posted "Richie Rich." 2
"Ainu Laire" said it was "good" the industrial law changes were limited to the film industry only.
"The tax breaks seem to be something that are due to what the film brings to the country - if the film is successful, better for [the] country/tourism, I would guess."
Waikato Times, NZ: October 30, 2010

Two comments made to a TORn News Article 3 were quoted in a Waikato Times article announcing that the Hobbiton set At Matamata, NZ would remain in place after filming as a permanent tourist attraction. 4

Article Quote:
"Yay," wrote one overseas fan on the message boards 5 at The Lord of the Rings fan site, 6 "this has just decided where to spend my next vacation come spring;)" (sic) Another comment, from a fan calling himself Rochendil, said: "Im a brit, I come from Tolkiens birth place and I couldn't be happier that The Hobbit will be filmed in NZ!!!!" 7

1 October 28, 2010 ~ New Zealand Herald: Fans enthusiastic about Hobbit deal; By Paul Harper

2 Richie Rich credited Message Board member bound666 for this quote.

3 October 27th, 2010 ~ TORn News Article: BREAKING NEWS: The Hobbit Stays In New Zealand

4 October 30, 2010 ~ New Hobbiton set there to stay; by Chris Gardner

5 These comments were not made on the message boards. They were made as comments to the actual Home Page Article.

6 Comment by Chris

7 Comment by Rochendil