Jeffrey Combs (1954- ); American actor. At the time Combs was rumored for a role in the LOTR movies, he was best known for his film roles in Re-Animator (plus two sequels), The Frighteners and a number of characters in the Star Trek franchise.

LOTR Casting Rumors, Rumblings and Reports

Xoanon, in July. 1999, simply announced, "Looks like this guy Jeffrey Combs is going to play Wormtongue", 1 Combs' representative said the actor was up for the role at one point but he hadn't been cast as Wormtongue and would not be playing the part. 2 A week later, Moriarty of Ain't It Cool News referred to Combs as a cast member saying, "believe it, folks -- he’s Wormtongue." 3

Ultimately, Combs was not cast for any role in the LOTR film trilogy.


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