In which they break the news they will not be involved
with New Line Cinema to produce a film of "The Hobbit"
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Hobbit Film Timeline

The Letter

On November 19, 2006, TORn published an email sent to them and addressed "Dear One Ringers." Wingnut Films, was in a pending lawsuit against New Line Cinema over proceeds from the Lord of the Rings films and Jackson and Walsh wanted that to be settled before beginning negotiations to produce a film of The Hobbit. New Line Cinema's time option on The Hobbit was running out, however, and they were unwilling to wait so they informed Wingnut that "the studio is going to have to hire another director." The letter continued,

"Given that New Line are committed to this course of action, we felt at the very least, we owed you, the fans, a straightforward account of events as they have unfolded for us. We have always had the greatest support from The Ringers and we are very sorry our involvement with The Hobbit has been ended in this way. ... Warmest regards to you all, and thanks for your incredible support over the years." 1

TORn's Response

"Correction made in a New York Times article, "While visitors to the Web site have called for a boycott, the site itself has not." 2

Coverage by Other Media

This story was carried by many different media outlets including Pravda, BBC News, The Guardian, Digital Spy, Contactmusic, Zap2it, Variety, IGN, and Radio New Zealand. Most simply said the message had been communicated to and published on TORn but a number of stories included Xoanon's response to the letter, reactions of fans on TORn, and actions TORn took in regards to the situation.


1 November 19, 2006 ~ TORn News Article: Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh Talk THE HOBBIT

2 November 29, 2006 ~ New York Times: To Web Fans, Peter Jackson Is the One True Director