(first message board post mentioning 'hot Dwarf' - April 11, 2009)
quote from "The Hobbit’s dwarves: Too hot to handle?"

In the meantime, the phrase “Hot Dwarves” has spread across the globe since our story was first published.
At San Diego Comic-Con this summer, Carrie Fisher fell for our “I <3 Hot Dwarves” t-shirt. In Wellington, Aidan Turner, who wanted a shirt for his own, was gifted with a “Hot Dwarves” button.
The phrase crops up in most stories we’ve read, is at alluded to in many interviews, raises its head in pop-culture memes and … well, last week showed up on the red carpet of the world premiere itself.
“Not to objectify you, but you are a pin-up in The Hobbit,” said an interviewer to Richard Armitage.
”Do you mean ‘hot dwarf?’” he graciously responded.
As I said at’s Comic-Con panel: Thank you, Richard, for being such a good sport. Bravo!

Actual Quote:
Interviewer: Richard, at the risk of objectifying you, how do you feel about being one of the pin-ups in the film?
Richard Armitage: I thought you were going to say, *hot* Dwarf. (with an emphasis on 'hot')

"And then came the stars! Richard Armitage was interviewed by Carol Hirschfeld who asked him what it felt like to be a Dwarf icon. Richard said, "I thought you were going to ask what it felt like to be a hot Dwarf" [...] Richard had picked that up from the TORN t-shirts worn by [TORn message board member] and others on the tour when they met them after a media conference earlier that day at Te Papa museum."

December 3, 2014
Peter Jackson video posted on Facebook with message, "Thanks to all we have met along our journey. Cheers! Peter J."
at 1:12, someone is shown wearing the "I <3 Hot Dwarves" tshirt with TORn's logo on it.