A regular feature on TORn forum, running Sep 2012-Present
Full title "Want Hobbit Movie News? Hobbit Headlines of the Week!"

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Want Hobbit Movie News? Hobbit Headlines of the Week is a weekly (or at least bi-weekly) feature posted on the Main board on TORn forum, aimed at reporting the latest news during the production (and release) of The Hobbit movie trilogy. It is usually posted on Fridays.

Hobbit Headlines provides links to appropriate threads and sources for all new and recent Hobbit movie news. This includes news regarding DVDs, video blogs, behind the scene footage, commentaries, DVD/radio/TV/magazine interviews, screen-captures, promotional pictures and posters, any "making of" documentaries and videos, featurettes, merchandise, trailers, clips, and tie-in material (such as books etc).

Hobbit Headline threads are regularly linked to in the TORn Message Boards Weekly Roundup posts on TORn homepage.


The need for a Hobbit movie news summary thread, aimed at TORn forum audience, was originally conceived by Magpie in Sep 2012.

When posted fortnightly, the name changes to Want Hobbit Movie News? Hobbit Headlines of the Past Two Weeks.