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Two main parts to article?

Summary, history, etc?

This would be somewhat similar to the scheduled discussions articles like CHOW. Remember, the wiki is a history of the site in general so your audience is wider than just message board members.

Although this is rather rooted in the message boards, I am considering its value to extend beyond the message board community. So treat it like other TORn features (TORn Tuesday, Happy Hobbit, etc.). What does someone who has no knowledge of TORn need to know to understand what Hobbit Headlines is and how it fits within TORn as a whole?

Links to past threads

Those could be part of the main article, or they could go in their own 'associated' thread. I, personally, try not to have any article that is huge in volume. If the topic is large enough to require lots of content, I try to break it up into sub-pages. The main article then serves as a summary of all those sub-pages with links to each one.

These are just my off the cuff ideas. If you have strong thoughts on how to handle it, let's give it a try. Or we can just get started and we can modify things as we progress. I often start out in one direction and switch it up as I work through the content.

Next step after getting an article in place?

Once we have some content in place, we can place links to this article and any subpages in other parts of the wiki. Let me know when you get to a point where we've got some content in a format we're happy with and we can do that.