Rumors, rumblings, and reports about the Hobbit film casting for credited, named roles and potential actors for those roles
Limited to the time periods leading up to any official release of information and/or the films' releases
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Fairly well known actors with some acting background were assumed to be in in consideration of a credited role even if one was not specifically associated with that actor.

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Hobbit casting 1 female role
TORn Exclusive December 5th 2009

Elijah Wood in The Hobbit's article citing TORn :

getting to know John Callen aka Oin
TORn exclusive
November 20th

A summary of 'The Hobbit' casting discussion so far
Started by MrCere on April 13th 2009. All the rumours up till then, and added with more speculations by other TORn-members. Use this to look for names one can research further. This link should not remain in the final article as it links to the message boards and we don't want to use the message board threads as references to information unless absolutely necessary.

Meet your Hobbit cast
(This article has been updated and doesn't show the original list as posted on Oct. 21. Go here to see the Oct. 21 release: )
Reported on TORn on October 21st:
Martin Freeman: Bilbo Baggins
Richard Armitage: Thorin Oakenshield
Aidan Turner: Kili
Rob Kazinsky: Fili
Graham McTavish: Dwalin
John Callen: Oin
Stephen Hunter: Bombur
Mark Hadlow: Dori
Peter Hambleton: Gloin

Martin Freeman especially has been a TORn suggestion for the role of Bilbo since the beginning of casting rumours.

Sylvester McCoy confirms his role as Radagast the Brown
Reported on TORn on October 23rd:
Sylvester McCoy confirmed he has been cast as Radagast, but he hadn't signed as of October 25th.

Bilbo the Brave, Hobbit casting details
Reported on TORn on September 9th 2010

David Tennant
Michael Fassbender
James Nesbitt