A TORn web video series
October 2012-ongoing

Happy Hobbit, a regular TORn video web series hosted by Kellie & Alex (aka 'Kili' & 'Fili'), discusses how "to bring Middle-earth into your daily life." 1

Their videos are highlighted in TORn News Articles and on their YouTube Channel, TORn Happy Hobbit

Series Episode List

These are videos that were given an Episode Number
BOTFA Premiere

December 13, 2014: "Join Fili and Kili in Hollywood as they interview those rapscallion dwarves, elves, orcs, hobbits, and filmmakers! It was quite the humorous affair and “Hobbitception” came full-circle!"

Middle-earth Gaming

December 2, 2014: "Ever wondered what some of those Tolkien-inspired video games were like? Join Fili and Kili to sample them."

Orcsgiving (Thanksgiving Special)

November 25, 2014: "Thanksgiving is a time of year to give back to your community. It’s important to remember that orcs were once Elves, so this holiday season, do the right thing: bring an orc to your Thanksgiving. Here’s a few tips on how!"


November 9, 2014: "What to do with all of those wormy apples? Make applesauce, of course!"

All Hallows Fantasy Faire

November 3, 2014: "Kili ventured to the mountains in the east for a spooktacular celebration and met several delightful folks along the way! "

Hobbity Halloween

October 31, 2014: "Join Fili to learn how to spook up your All Hallows Eve with hobbity twists on those human traditions!"

Lembas Bread

October 7, 2014: "Join Kili and Fili to celebrate both our 50th episode and 2-year anniversary with some homemade Lembas bread! "

Blackberry Jam

September 9, 2014: "If you have a bunch of blackberries that you don’t know what to do with (or a little sister who decided to hug the bag on the walk home from blackberrying, smashing everything), then this is the episode for you! Join Kili to learn how to make blackberry jam, sorta!"

Dwarven Surprise Party

August 26, 2014: "Ever wanted to invade a stranger’s house like a group of dwarves to eat all their food as a birthday surprise? Join us to find out how and learn Sam’s Rabbit Stew recipe once we’re there!"

Samwise's Bass

August 23, 2014: "Join our big brother Samwise to learn how to clean and gut a fresh-caught bass before turning it into a delicious garlicy meal! "

Strawberry Shortbread Pie

August 11, 2014: "Join Fili to learn how to make a sweet summer treat that even elves will devour… or will they? "


July 30, 2014: "Join Kili for a walk in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and a hunt for a bear as she shares her knowledge of the forests, just like a Ranger or an Elf and start building your own knowledge of the woods!"

Blackberry Whiskey

July 18, 2014: "Join Kili (who seems to be possessed by Martha Steward of Gondor) for an extra wacky episode and learn how to make whiskey from the store a little more exciting."

Samwise's Strawberry Cream Puffs

June 4, 2014: "Summer means strawberries, and strawberries are one of Samwise’s favorite foods! Join Kili to learn how to make one of Mr. Gamgee’s specialties!"

Beginning Sword Fighting

May 27, 2014: "When mother Dis has had enough of Fili and Kili’s shenanigans, she leaves them in the woods with a mysterious stranger to whip them into shape by teaching them the basics of sword fighting."

Field Dressing a Turkey

May 19, 2014: "Ever wondered how dwarves, Rangers and hobbits on the road were able to turn a kill into food? Join Kili and her brother Sam to learn how to do just that with a wild turkey!"


April 26, 2014: "Journey out of the Shire and to the far reaches of Rohan to once more join Eowyn as she shares not only her baby goats, but lots of springtime mischief with Fili and Kili!"

Chicks (Easter Special)

April 16, 2014: "When Kili is excluded from Fili’s Easter party, she visits a friend to pick up a little revenge… in the form of a chick! Join the mischief and learn the basics of how to care for baby chickens."

Mathom Keeper

April 8, 2014: "Are you getting tired of your mathoms being all a clutter? Do you need some inspiration for this year’s spring cleaning? Then join Kili and learn how to make a “mathom keeper” for all of your nick-knacks!"

Festive Hair (St. Patrick's Day Special)

March 17, 2014: "Join Kili, Fili and a special guest to learn how to do your hair for any festivity, including St. Patrick’s day!"


February 14, 2014: "Need a little dwarvish influence in your Valentine’s Day? Then join Fili and Kili to learn how to make your own Dwarventines!"

Cheddar Broccoli Soup

February 11, 2014: "When Fili learns that a special guest is coming for dinner, and Kili is away in Mirkwood, she has to prepare a meal that is not only quick but delicious as well!"

DOS Line Party

January 7, 2014: "Join Fili, Kili and some new friends for some fun while waiting in line for the midnight release of The Desolation of Smaug!" (This episode was not publised on TORn.)

Christmas Special

December 23, 2014: "Wintertide and Durin’s Day are upon us so join Fili and Kili to learn how to incorporate some dwarvish customs into your winter holidays, from crafts and cookies to carols! Wishing you all enough warmth and cheer to glow in your heart all through the coming New Year!"

Hobbit-Sized Instruments

December 10, 2013: "Have you ever wanted to play an instrument and thought it was too hard? After attempting to learn several, I discovered a hobbit-sized string instrument that is as simple as it is fun, and found myself making music in no time! Join me as I seek audience with a local Dwarven king who not only crafts such instruments, but also carves and paints and spends his life as a wandering tinker (as a true exiled dwarf would)!"

Pumpkin Pie (Thanksgiving Special)

November 27, 2013: "If you’d like to make a pie from sugar pumpkins for your Thanksgiving, then you’ve come to the right place! Join Kili and discover how to make your own puree."

Apple Juice

November 9, 2013: "Meet the charming Eleanor Appledore and learn how to make apple juice the old fashioned way. Plus she divulges a few tips on advanced cider-making!"

Swine and Dairy Goats

November 9, 2013: "Join Fili and Eowyn on the outskirts of Rohan to learn more about what it takes to raise your own swine and dairy livestock."

Caramel Apples (Halloween Special)

October 30, 2013: "You just might be in for a frightful tale if you’re brave enough to join Fili and Kili to learn how to make caramel apples"

Hard Apple Cider

October 23, 2013: "Ever wanted to brew on your own cider, but thought it was all too hard? Think again! Join Kili in Episode 27 of Happy Hobbit and find out just how easy it is to make yourself a delightful hobbity treat!"

A retrospective of Year One

October 17, 2013: "Join Kili and Fili to learn a bit more about how the webseries came into being, Hobbitception, what’s next, and most importantly, how the show has changed their lives for the better! To all who have supported us on this journey thus far, hannon le. May your paths ever be charmed!"


October 5, 2013: "When Kili leaves to fulfill her debt to Farmer Maggot for the cabbages she stole, she discovers many surprises in the grumpy hobbit’s garden!"

Pumpkin Bread

September 18, 2013: "When Fili and Kili are forced to miss the county fair, they decide to bring the fair to them with some mischief in Farmer Maggot’s garden and pumpkin bread! In other words, we really did have to miss the fair after orcs attacked our truck tires, so we made the best of it by filming an episode!"

The Exposé

September 12, 2013: "As part of TheOneRing.net’s recent Light the Beacons fundraiser, Heather (AKA: IStoleTheOneRing from the Barliman’s Chat) won a guest spot with the Happy Hobbit team. What started off as a friendly chat quickly devolved into an exposé… and an attack of a clone!"

Fun With Royd Tolkien

August 22, 2013: "Join Fili and Kili as they attempt to film an episode with J.R.R. Tolkien’s great-grandson Royd… and proceed to fail. Epically."

Dwarven Camping Tips

August 7, 2013: "Join Kili, Fili, and several surprise guests to learn how to camp like a Dwarf!"

Comic Con Survival Tips

July 15, 2013: "Ever wondered what it takes to survive a 5-day mega convention? Join Fili and Kili for a few tips!"


June 27, 2013: "Is Lobelia Sackville-Baggins really on her way over to tea, expecting a snack? Join Fili as she hastily prepares some scones for her “guest”!"

Broody Hens

May 28, 2013: "Has your hen suddenly turned into a Nazgul? Don’t worry, she may just be broody! Join Fili to learn how to deal with these temperamental chickens!"

Hobbit Party

May 16, 2013: "Have you ever wanted to throw an amazing, authentic hobbit party like Bilbo Baggins’ 111th bash? Then join Kili to learn some tips and get started on planning your own “night to remember!”"

Tacking Up

April 28, 2013: "Visit Rohan, home of the Horse Lords, with Fili and learn the basics of tacking up a horse!"

Ranger Basics

April 15, 2013: "Ready to spend some time outdoors? Join Kili to learn a few tips on what to eat and how to avoid getting eaten in the Wild!"

Easter Special

March 30, 2013: "Wanna add some Shire spice to a traditional Easter egg hunt? Join Fili to learn how, and to see if internet rumors about Kili are true…"

St Patrick’s Day Special

March 17, 2013: "By celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, you are also celebrating the Hobbit lifestyle. Join Kili to find out how!"

Valentine's Day Special

February 11, 2013: "Learn how to make vanilla buttercreams as Fili prepares them for a very special someone!"

Goat Basics

February 4, 2013: "Join Fili to learn some fun facts about goats and meet some of the Blue Mountains’ four-footed finest!"

Blackberry Wine

January 17, 2013: "Can Kili bottle the “Scolded Old Lady” fast enough for the Elven King? Watch to find out, and you just might learn a thing or two about brewing wine!"

Line Party

December 27, 2012: "Join the fun of Kili and Fili’s Hobbit Line Party on December 13th, 2012 from Scott’s Valley Cinelux Theater!"

Christmas Special

December 22, 2012: "Join Kili and Fili, and a very special guest from WETA Workshop – Sir Richard Taylor, to learn how to make your yuletide as cozy as one in Middle-earth! "

Pinecone Bird Feeder

December 07, 2012: "Winter is a tough time for birds, and humans who are convinced they’re Elves are tough to have as sisters. Join Fili to learn how to deal with both!"


November 29, 2012: "Ever wondered how to make acorns edible? Join Kili as she explains how to process this abundant nut, and learn just what Tolkien meant when he said Bilbo was so hungry that he could have eaten acorns…"


November 21, 2012: "Thanksgiving (and all feast holidays) are great times to gather family and friends, but how do you please a mix of dwarves, hobbits, elves and men at your table? Join Fili for some fun tips!"

Second Breakfast Blackberry Cake

November 15, 2012: "learn how to make a Blackberry Cake. This delicious buttermilk cake is great for second breakfast, elevensies, afternoon tea, dinner, supper… just about any time!"


November 8, 2012: "Join Kili and Fili for tips on “blackberrying,” as Bilbo calls it! Along with a bit of drama caused by a certain Sackville-Baggins…"

Halloween Special

November 2, 2012: " Join Fili to learn how to carve a Bag End pumpkin and hear a spooky tale… or is it more than just a story?"


October 26, 2012: "Kili shows the basics of raising chickens. Fresh eggs make good meals, and full bellies make happy hobbits!"

Happy Hobbit: Introduction

October 17, 2012: ""Kili" and "Fili" explain how their lifelong passion for Tolkien has led them to creating their webseries Happy Hobbit. Join the fun and learn how to bring Middle-earth into your daily life!"

Other Happy Hobbit Videos and Articles

These are other articles and/or videos by or about the Happy Hobbit team.
Happy Hobbit at the DOS World Premiere

December 12, 2013: "Join Happy Hobbit’s Fili and Kili as TheOneRing.net’s official representatives on the black carpet of the Word Premiere of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug."

San Diege Comic Con 2014

August 1, 2014: "Join us in the mad journey of SDCC 2014, through the Exhibit Hall to TheOneRing.net panel, a life-sized Smaug, and a hula-dancing Kili!"

Fantasy-Con 2014

July 13, 2014: "Join us on our favorite convention adventure yet in the magical madness that was Fantasy-Con 2014! Elves, dragons, castles, goblins, and many a familiar dwarf or hobbit abound!"

Denver Comic Con 2014

June 23, 2014: "In addition to my Denver Comic Con Recap a few days ago, Fili edited together a splendid video so that we could share our wonderful DCC experience with you all."

Happy Hobbit Goes to SDCC: Meet the Hobbit Artists; Collectibles; Badali Jewelry; Extended Edition Teaser and Farewell; Meeting Evangeline Lilly (5 videos)

August 9, 2013: "Meet several of the artists who worked on The Hobbit and learn more about what they’re up to, along with several other talented folks at Weta, including Greg Broadmore and the comedic antics of Daniel Falconer!"

Happy Hobbit Goes to SDCC: A Taste of the Con

July 28, 2013: "Get a feel for what a day at San Diego Comic-Con is like, and meet the friendly staff of Weta and TORn while you take a look around at their merchandise!"

Getting to know the Happy Hobbits

July 15, 2013: Kili and Fili from The Happy Hobbit were interviewed in TORn's "Getting to Know..." series.

Happy Hobbit Reacts to Desolation of Smaug Trailer | Hobbitception

June 2013: Mathom-house Wiki Article: Hobbitception

1 October 18, 2012 ~ TORn News Article:New Webseries: Happy Hobbit!