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what needs to be done

TORn donated to this group at least two times. Once as a sum donation and another time by designating the organization as the recipient of a charity auction.

Info on GiveLife organ donation awareness group

GiveLife's Site

non-TORn Articles about TORn's donation to GiveLife

Give Life NZ - Friday, 27 August 2004, "Commemorative trees a thank you from LOTR fans"
(This is the same article as posted on TORn's Home Page 8-26-04 The dates for each may not reflect the same time zone so it's unclear to me which site posted it first.)

Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves Site - details of known Memorial or Commemorative trees planted in the Tawa area

  • entry: 27 August 2004, "Commemorative Trees a Thank You from Lord of the Rings Fans"

Scoop Independent News - 1 December 2003, The Return Of The Ringers Party (1)

photo with this caption: "Hobbit organ donation campaigner Andy Tookey from givelife.org.nz/. Peter Jackson nominated Andy's charity to be the beneficiary from the charity auction."

Ian Smith's Site - 1 December, 2003 - New Zealand Premier, Press Conference, Panel 2 Transcript

interview question to Peter Jackson regarding his involvement with Give Life - TORn mentioned in question

KongisKing.net - Jackson gives lifeline to rejected organ donor ad

TORn is not part of this article but it gives some info on Jackson's involvement with organ donation. The source for the story is Stuff.co.nz but the story is no longer on that site.

TORn Home Page Articles

LOTR Films Lead to International Fundraising Efforts by Fans - 8-26-04
(This is the same article posted on Give Life NZ's site, 8-27-04. The dates for each may not reflect the same time zone so it's unclear to me which site posted it first.)
(same article in archives)

Return of the Ringers Party Report - 12-02-03

"All proceeds (of the charity auction) go to the Give Life organ donor awareness campaign -- dedicated to raising awareness about organ donation throughout New Zealand."