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GOLD Nuggets
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first post: Are you up for some GOLD Nuggets? (Geeky Observation List Discussions!)

GOLD Nuggets - Concerning Hobbits
There’s GOLD in them there movies!
GOLD Nuggets – Better late than never!
GOLD Nuggets – We’ve struck it rich, I say!
Ale in the afternoon, anyone? Welcome to GOLD Nuggets at the Prancing Pony!
This week GOLD Nuggets heads Into the Wild!
GOLD Nuggets ventures to Weathertop this week. Do you dare?
This week GOLD Nuggets races towards the Fords of Bruinen and the safety of The Last Homely House
GOLD Nuggets - Here we are after all of our turmoil and fright: the Last Homely House
Old friends reunite after a frightening jouney in this week’s installment of GOLD Nuggets
There is much to learn of the past this week as GOLD Nuggets explores the Shards of Narsil and the love between a mortal and one of elf-kind
GOLD Nuggets seeks a seat at the Council of Elrond (or at least to be a fly on the wall!)
GOLD Nuggets follows the Ring as the Fellowship begins their southward journey this week
The Mines are our only means of escape after we face The Watcher in the Water in this week’s GOLD Nuggets
The long dark of Moria is the subject of this week’s GOLD Nuggets!
GOLD Nuggets - A narrow escape behind and another lies ahead: The Bridge of Khazad-dûm!
How many bring your peril with you to Lothlórien? Join GOLD Nuggets this week as we enter this mysterious and forbidden realm
Up for a bit of Elven magic? Join us for GOLD Nuggets as Frodo takes a peek in Galadriel’s mirror
You mean we have to get in a boat? This week in GOLD we leave the protection of Lothlórien and take to the Great River
The Fellowship truly stands upon the brink. Join us for GOLD Nuggets at Parth Galen and Amon Hen
GOLD Nuggets takes a double-dip this week and looks at The Little Ones and the Son of Gondor and The Breaking of the Fellowship in one mega discussion
GOLD Nuggets - An hour and a half early!
We discuss our first real meeting with Gollum/Smeagol this week in GOLD Nuggets
GOLD Nuggets is in a race against time this week as we follow The Three Hunters
Today Gold Nuggets discusses The Two Towers from The Two Towers!
Today Gold Nuggets finds our way through the treacherous Dead Marshes
GOLD Nuggets gets News from the Mark!
GOLD Nuggets has reached The Black Gate!
The White Rider is before us in GOLD Nuggets this week!
Join GOLD Nuggets as we test the courtesy of the Golden Hall this week
Believe it or not, GOLD Nuggets is back just in time to witness Théoden’s “rescue.”
This week we make ready to leave for Helm’s Deep in GOLD Nuggets
Careful with those candles! GOLD Nuggets is headed to Orthanc this week
Join us for a drug-free flashback this week in GOLD Nuggets
Join GOLD Nuggets this week for a gathering. Of what, you might ask? ENTS!
What’s TATERS, Precious? We’ll find out this week in GOLD Nuggets
GOLD Nuggets is Back!

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