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January 28, 2002
Report From A Golden Globe Viewing Party
"We sold raffle tickets for most items at just $2 a ticket, and held a silent auction for the two bigger items we had. LOTR may not have won anything at the Golden Globes, but party attendees walked out of the pub with posters, TORN shirts, bookmarks, and Sideshow figurines. All funds received went to server fund"

April 30, 2002
Quickbeam Sends His Notes
"Our very own Flinch helped us put together a great fund-raiser down in Irivine, California this past Sunday — all of the proceeds will help get a new server (thank you players)!"

One Party to Rule them All - 2002
"The party’s goal was achieved and the site raised enough money to purchase a new server to keep up with the high volume of site traffic."


TORn Merchandise

Limited Inventory! Spring 2011 Shirts
"Proceeds from the sale of these shirts will go to our server costs, so Thank You in advance for helping keep online!"

Corporate Sponsorship

June 8, 2008
TORn on ‘Fictional Frontiers’ – Transcript Posted
"Sideshow and Sideshow WETA, when they were together as an entity wanted to sponsor the TheOneRing, and our costs at the TheOneRing were going up, our server costs and hosting costs, so we were looking at that as a real possibility ... Sideshow has been a huge supporter of the TheOneRing – we have so many contests with them"

eBay Auctions

February 25, 2013
The One Expected Party Ebay Auctions
items from Oscar Party 2013

  • Rivendell Artist Proof by Alan Lee - Signed by Richard Taylor, Peter Jackson, and Alan Lee
  • Barad-Dur Fine Art Print by John Howe - Signed by Richard Taylor, Peter Jackson, and John Howe
  • "The One Expected Party" Oscar Party Grab Bag
  • Gandalf on Gwaihir over Helm's Deep Artist Proof by Alan Lee - Alan Lee, Richard Taylor, and Ian McKellan
  • Air New Zealand Hobbit Gift Pack - includes die cast replica Air New Zealand jet printed with "The Hobbit" movie art; 4GB USB drive enclosed in beautiful wood inclosure, with laniard; AIR NZ pen; combo pair of airplane socks, shaped like hobbit feet with eye mask made to look like a Hobbit door; a "The Hobbit" poster; "The Hobbit/Air NZ" bag
  • The Lord of the Rings Book and Bookend Gift Set [Deluxe Edition] [Hardcover]
  • Special "Good Luck" Pin, 4 Stage Creation Set in Shadowbox - shows the 4 stages of the pin design, starting from: 1) the idea of the Hobbit door printed on paper, 2) a wax mold created from the paper design, 3) a metal casting from the wax mold, and finally, 4) the painted, polished, colored and finished final product, the very cool pin that reads, "Good Luck from"
  • Donato Giancola "Galadriel and Aragorn" Sketch Pencil and Chalk on Paper 2012


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