An event, held annually since 2009 on April 26
that date being the anniversary of's registration on the web

what needs to be done


Planning was done through PMs or threads, mostly consisting of throwing around ideas and discussing different options.

Party Invitations

The first party planning thread where members could offer to helm a project and give ideas.;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread

Second thread confirming everyone's roles and shaping up the plans.;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread

Founders Day Logo

Wraith Buster and Gimli's Box designed a 13th Anniversary (2012) leaf for TORn's Founders Day tree logo.

Let's Get This Party Started

On the homepage it was mentioned that it was Founder's Day here:

Party Threads

It's Founders' Day - Learn Now the Lore of the TORn Staff Creatures! by dernwyn;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

TIME - April 26 Founders Day! by grammaboodawg;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

Happy Birthday to our the Founders and to all our Admins! by silneldor;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

ON TORn, a Founders Day 2012 parody tribute by Ruxendil_Thoorg;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

Welcome to Founders' Day 2012! Learn now the Valaquenta of TORn... by AlassŽa Eruvande;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

Founder's Day: Let's cook up some Middle-earth meals! by grammaboodawg;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

Guess That Avvie!!!! by Gimli'sBox;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

Lame Middle Earth Riddles by AlassŽa Eruvande;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

FOUNDERS DAY 2012* Parody Puzzle Fill-In-The-Blanks by Ruxendil_Thoorg;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;

Founder's Day - Caption Contest! by stormcrow20;sb=post_time;so=DESC;forum_view=forum_view_expanded;



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