An event, held annually since 2009 on April 26
that date being the anniversary of's registration on the web

what needs to be done

Party Invitations

Instead of using footer images, as in past years, the 2011 event promotion employed a series of 12 posts in the style of the song, "The Twelve Days of Christmas" but counting down instead of counting up. The threads covered all the different topic boards of the forum with each one geared toward that board's particular area discussion. Each post included an invitation to attend the upcoming Founders Day event.

12 Drummers Drumming

The Pollantir: a poll on which to vote for one's favorite drummer out of 12 listed

11 Pipes a-piping Pun Thread

Main: 11 images from LOTR of people smoking pipes with captions that used the word 'pipe' as a pun

10 Lords a Leaping up, down, and to their doom

Reading Room: leaping moments, quoted from the books, by 10 Lords of the Fellowship

9 Ladies (and gentlemen and hobbits and...) Dancing

TORn Moots & Other Events: 9 images (from TORn's scrapbook) of fan events that involved dancing

8 Maids (and Maidens) a-posing

Fan Art Board: links to 8 images of Tolkien's female characters as depicted by artists on the Fan Art Board

7 Swoons-a-Swimming

Off Topic: Only finding 1 swan in the movie, 6 more images of 'waterlogged (LOTR) guys' competing in the 'first and probably only TORn Swim Meet'

6 Guys a-Laying, uh, down

Movie Discussion - LOTR: 6 LOTR images of 'guys laying down on the job'

5 Odd Rings

posted on Gaming & Collecting: 5 images of collectible LOTR Rings

4 calling birds

Movie Discussion - The Hobbit: a list of 4 talking birds from Tolkien's stories.

3 French Hengists

Feedback: links to 3 posts by TORn Forum Admin/Moderator, Hengist, discussing something 'French'.

2 Flirting Doves

The Arena: 2 images of 'flirting doves' (Luthien and Arwen) were presented for 'battle'

Bring the Partridge

Main: The final countdown post read: 'Since no partridge have shown up so far, we'll just have to get creative -- let's see a partridge is a kind of bird, the bird has to go in a kind of tree -- well, if we play with that a bit, and flip it around, we get: Treebeard!' with one last invitation to 'polish up your humor, hone your gamesmanship, get ready to reminisce, think up a toast if you like --but no matter what, set aside some time to join us on TORn's message boards tomorrow.'

A Leaf For the Founders Day Tree Logo

grammaboodawg designed a 12th Anniversary (2011) leaf for TORn's Founders Day tree logo

Let's Get This Party Started

On April 25, 2011, Altaira kicked off the event with a Home Page News Announcement that summarized the event and invited people to visit the Message Boards or Barliman's chat room to participate in the celebration. The Valaquenta of TORn from 2009 was also reposted.

Slideshow Tribute

A video retrospective slideshow prepared by One Ringer A Very Special Founder’s Day / was presented to showcase 'many of the great memories that the members of TORn have had in the past years.'

Party Threads

Welcome to Message Board Event

Welcome to TORn Founder's Day
Welcome to's Founders Day &12th Anniversary Party

Games and Amusements

Avatar Game - guess who owns the avatar posted - cryptic clues provided for the TORn member's name
TORn Scavenger Hunt
Getting to Know Your TORn party people
Caption Contest
Quiz on TheOneRing™ - identify the passages provided from Tolkien's writing that include the phrase, "the one Ring"
Madlib (Result)
Scenes From The Party Hat
Exercise in Absurdity (EIA) Quiz!
Where's Bilbo? - identify Bilbo's location by provided descriptions from the books
Top 10 Rejected Changes to The Hobbit films
Who Said It? - identify differences in who, in the book and in the movies, said the provided quotes
Founders Day inspired haikus


Favourite Thread and/or Post Collection
Video Slideshow Retrospective Discussion Thread
MrCere's Repost of his 2009 Video Slideshow Retrospective
TIME - April 26


Founders Day - Praise them with Great Praise! Thank You to the Founders - repost of Ringspell poem image


Founders Day : Index


TORn Mathom-house Picasa Album
Founders Day Tree Logo
Founders Day 2011 Leaf