An event, held annually since 2009 on April 26
that date being the anniversary of's registration on the web


Changes and/or additions to Founders Day 2010 from the 2009 event included:

  • Keeping Party Threads to only three Message Board areas -- Feedback, Off Topic and Main -- 1 since it was felt the volume of threads and the number of boards covered during Founders Day 2009 was too overwhelming.
  • Offering, within the Founders Day 2010 event, an teaser/introduction of the TORn History Project's Mathom-house to the Message Board community through
  • Creation and debut of a Founders Day Logo
  • Offering virtual door-prizes to event participants
  • Delegating the solicitation of VIP contributions to significant anniversary years only
  • Not specifically requesting the attention of the Four Founders every year

Party Invitations featuring a TORn Mathom-house Tie-in

Instead of having a countdown series of footers (as used for Founders Day 2009) to tease/advertise Founders Day 2010, a series of footers were created that offered a variation on a tease for the TORn Mathom-house. Ohio Hobbit created a series of images that played on the concept of a Mathom-house and the rooms it might contain. Each footer had a small portion of one of these images with a question tied to the image. For example, the footer carrying a key asked, "What could you open with this key?" Each footer's question was followed with the teaser, "Find out on Founders Day". The final footer displayed on Founders Day displayed a banner in the style of the party banner for Bilbo's party that read "The TORn Mathom-house" and the sentence, "The answer to all the questions"

Also included on all footers was the tree which would be integrated in the new Founders Day logo.

see the footers here: Founders Day 2010 footers

Founders Day Logo

A new logo in the form of a tree was introduced. 2 Each year, a TORn Message Board member would design a leaf for the tree. The tree was designed by Ainu Laire, Elven designed a leaf for the previous year's 10th Anniversary of TORn (2009) and Ohio Hobbit designed a leaf for the 11th Anniversary (2010).

Let's Get This Party Started

On April 25, 2010, Altaira kicked off the event with a Home Page News Announcement that summarized the event and invited people to visit the Message Boards to participate in the celebration.

Party Threads

All of the Party Threads carried the reminder that everyone who replied in that thread would be entered into a drawing for a 'fun virtual doorprize' to be announced in the following Fiesta Friday thread.

Mathom-house introduction

Slowly the door opens by Rosie-with-the-ribbons - A debut announcement of the TORn Mathom-house in the style of Bilbo's speech at the Long Expected Party.

Games and Amusements

Scenes From The Hat--Founders Day Edition by AlassŽa Eruvande - "What problems/snags did the Founders encounter while trying to set up their little website called The One"
Middle-earth Conspiracy Theories by Ataahua - "Tehanu, Xoanon, Corvar and Calisuri already have the best fan website on the net, so what is the next step in their evil plan to take over the world?"

Return of the PANTS thread *with a twist*.... by elvenhobbit - A version of the "pants" joke with 'TORn pants' substituted for any word from Tolkien's work.


For Those Who Are New by aranelthehobbit22 - "(A) thread ... dedicated to those who have joined TORn relatively recently, within the past year or so."
A Founderís (Day), Administrators and TORnsib Friendship Thread by silneldor - "(T)ell us how your friendships here have touched your lives"


Welcome to Founders Day! by AlassŽa Eruvande - A repost of 2009's "Valaquenta of TORn"
Learn Now the Lore of the TORnStaff Creatures! by dernwyn - A tribute to the Staff of TORn in the style of Treebeard's Lore of Living Creatures

Wrap Up

Thanks were given to all the planners who had contributed to Founders Day 2010 in the form of an 'Awards Ceremony' with examples of awards being, 'Best Costume Design' for the leader of the 'TORn Pants' thread and 'Best Writing-Adapted Screenplay' for the writer of "The Lore of the TORn Staff Creatures" in the style of Treebeard's "Lore of Living Creatures."

Virtual prizes in the form of avatar and bookmark images were given to a random drawing of participants in the various Party Threads.


1 Apr 21, 2010 ~ Private email from grammaboodawg to TORn Founders Day planning committee

2 April 25, 2010 ~ TORn News Article: Home Page News Announcement


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