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"Fictional Frontiers" is a live, one hour radio program broadcast on WNJC 1360AM in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania since June 2008. The program, hosted by Sohaib Awan, covers topics on film, television, comic books, animation, novels, video games, and popular culture. 1 2

Preceding "Fictional Frontiers," Awan and Stuart Davis briefly co-hosted--at the same radio station--a 30 minute program, "To Be Continued...," that covered the same range of topics. 3

TORn's collaboration with Sohaib Anwan in "To Be Continued..." and "Fictional Frontiers"

In late April 2008, TORn announced it would be providing updates on "The Lord of the Rings" (LOTR) and "The Hobbit" (TH) on a bi-weekly basis on a Sunday evening (Eastern US) radio show, "To Be Continued..." The show would be broadcast over the air and streamed online live from a Philadelphia, PA radio station. 4

TORn only participated in two episodes for "To Be Continued..." and each time it promoted an upcoming show, it ran a parental notice: "The content on this station before and after this show is not necessarily appropriate for all ages." 5 6 (Accessing the radio station's schedule at the Internet Archive reveals that the show preceding "To Be Continued..." dealt with topics of sexuality. The show following "To Be Continued... appears to be a music program. 7)

In early June 2008, TORn announced that, "For a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the content of the show before ‘To Be Continued…,’" it would now provide the same content for a new show hosted by Awan called "Fictional Frontiers with Sohaib." This new show would air at the "more family friendly time slot" of late Sunday morning. 8

TORn contributors

In the first year (2008), three TORn staffers--Michael Regina (Xoanon), Chris Pirrotta (Calisuri), and Larry Curtis (MrCere)--contributed on a fairly equal basis. Two episodes were conducted by Anthony Moody who reported back on an interview he conducted with Guillermo del Toro on behalf of TORn. In 2009, Regina only did one podcast with Curtis doing the rest for that year and every year since. In June, 2010, a tag of "Larry Curtis" was first applied to a "Fictional Frontiers" episode.

Sometime between December 20, 2012 and March 14, 2011, Fictional Frontier's 'About Us' webpage was updated to include the names of regular contributors. Larry Curtis was added as a 'genre expert' who, as a senior contributor to TORn, would provide the latest news on the development of "The Hobbit" films. 9 10

From "Fictional Frontiers" Guest List:

9.   Larry Curtis: Senior contributor to TORn (www.theonering.net) (Episode 11, 13, 19, 30, 33, 39, 49, 51, 65, 80, 102, 109, 119, 121, 124, 129, 133, 155, 175, 206, 212, 220, & 227).
27.   Anthony Moody: Senior contributor to TORn (www.theonering.net) (Episode 21 & 22).
35.   Chris Pirrotta: Co-founder of TORn (www.theonering.net) (Episode 1, 4, 9, & 15).
37.   Michael Regina: Co-founder of TORn (www.theonering.net) (Episode 17, 23, & 36).

TORn's contribution schedule

The original arrangement in April 2008 for "To Be Continued..." was for TORn to contribute on an every other week schedule 11 and that continued when they moved to "Fictional Frontiers." 12 (TORn refers to it as 'bi-weekly' and "Fictional Frontiers" uses the term 'bi-monthly' in its early podcast descriptions.)

For the most part, this schedule more or less held for the first 9 months. TORn's segments then dropped to once a month February through June 2009. In the last half of 2009, TORn participated in only one episode in September. TORn did a podcast in January 2010 discussing the influence of Peter Jackson's LOTR films over the last decade. The next podcast came in June of that year to discuss Guillermo del Toro's departure from "The Hobbit" film production. In October 2010, "The Hobbit" received a green-light and four podcasts followed in October, November, and December. There were 7 TORn episodes in 2011 (scattered throughout the year) and 4 in the last half of 2012.

One contributing factor to the decreased frequency and lapses in TORn segments on "Fictional Frontiers" might have been the lack of progress that was made in getting "The Hobbit" films green-lit. See Hobbit Film Timeline.

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Podcast tags for TORn episodes

The following tags were used on one or more podcasts that TORn contributed to but they were not used consistently. The tag "TORn" is not applied to all podcasts with TORn staffers present. And two tags for TORn are invalid. Additionally, there are three different tags for "Lord of the Rings."

A tag for Larry Curtis was first applied for Episode 102 on June 22, 2010. Sometimes the podcast is also tagged with TORn and sometimes it is not.

Tags in use:

Invalid tags:

TORn (www.theonering.net)

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