Ethan Hawke (1970- ); American actor, writer and director.. At the time Hawke was rumored for a role in the LOTR movies, he was married to Uma Thurman and best known for his film roles in Dead Poets Society, White Fang, Reality Bites, and Gattaca.

LOTR Casting Rumor, Rumblings and Reports

In July, 1999, NewLine executive, Michael De Luca hinted (at Ain't It Cool News) there’s a certain husband and wife team for Faramir and Galadriel that looks like it might work... Here’s a hint... think “Gattaca”. Xoanon speculated this could refer to Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke or to Jude Law and Sadie Frost. 1 2 A few days later, Du Luca reportedly added American" to the hint and Law's representatives denied either Law or Frost are being considered. This lead Xoanon to declare, I’d say that about clears things up 3 (~ presumably confirming the couple to be Hawke and Thurman.)

That same month, Moriarty of Ain't It Cool News posted a ‘rant’ that included: (If Ian McKellen is cast as Gandalf) he’ll join Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke, Jeffrey Combs (believe it, folks -- he’s Wormtongue), Bryan Boyd (Xoanon thinks he means Billy Boyd), and the still-negotiating Kate Winslet, who would be a lovely Eowyn. 4

In mid August, both Du Luca and Ethan Hawke's agent, (in a phone call to Xoanon) confirmed that Hawke and Uma Thurman were negotiating for the roles of Faramir and Galadriel. 5 6 Negotitions continued through mid-September, 7 8 but, on Sept. 16, 1999, Xoanon was told (by Hawke's 'camp') to call back within the week for a definitive answer. 9

Toward the end of September, Film Unlimited reported that Hawke and Thurman were confirmed for LOTR. Xoanon cautioned that Ethan’s ‘camp’ the day before had reported an ‘unconfirmed’ status. 10 TORn called an unknown entity that absolutely denied the Film Unlimited report (in that same article) that Terence Stamp was being considered for a role in LOTR. This, coupled with the mistaken report that the second film would be ROTK, cast doubt on the veracity of the entire article. 11

On October 7, 1999, NewLine released an extensive press release listing multiple cast members. Neither Hawke nor Thurman are listed but their rumored roles, Faramir and Galadriel, are also not listed as being filled by other actors. 12 A week later, there was still no news on their casting status with the movies. 13

In late October, Hawke reported on the "Eric and Kathy Show" (Chicago radio 101.9, Illinois, US) that he would be involved in a three-movie project in the near future. 14 A day later, Ringer Spies provide English translations of a article in the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet. In this article, (according to the Spies' translations) Hawke confirmed he would play Faramir but he doesn't know if his wife, Uma Thurman, would be involved. He said she’d had talks with the producers but the couple are hesitant to work together because they're worried their marriage would be used to market the film. 15 16

In an article about filming for "The Two Towers", a December 1999 issue of "Famous" (a magazine handed out free in cinemas) reported that Hawke would play Faramir. 17

By mid-October, TORn was heavily reporting on Hawke's other (non-LOTR) news (along with other cast actors). In mid-November, they started referring to him as "Ethan Hawke (Faramir)". In December, Hawke began promoting his film, "Snow Falling on Cedars", but made no mention of LOTR in any of his interviews.

In mid-March, 2000, a Ringer Spy reported that Du Luca, responding to an email query from that Spy, wrote, '‘Ethan’s Out’.' 18 In late March, it was rumored 19 then accepted (by TORn) that David Wenham had been cast as Faramir. 20 ~ An April, 2000 recap of actors lists Wenham as cast for Faramir and refers to this March rumor as the first 'news'. There was no TORn article regarding an official announcement that Wenham had been cast nor a confirmation that the rumor was true.

Ethan Hawke's status of an actor who "could have been in LOTR" (along with many others) was recapped in a January, 2003 TORn article. 21


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