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Erica Challis, who goes by the online name Tehanu, is one of the Four Founders of the website, TheOneRing.net.

topic suggested by the Mathom-house Steering Committee: Tehanu's initial spy-fiasco and the studio's subsequent reconciliation with her.

The Cave Troll Goes to his Long Home. - 5-04-04 (amusing story illustrating how far Tehanu would go to get a spy photo of something)

Comment by Tehanu in response to Message Board query: How did TORn come to be? (Third post down)

GdT departs Hobbit

Scoops and Rumors courtesy of Tehanu: Voices of Many 4/12/99

Tehanu picks up news on LOTR filming while out to dinner with friends - topics include
  • Sean Connery for Gandalf
  • types of accents being assigned to different Middle-earth races
  • location of filming, possibly for Mordor
  • some unnamed person auditioning for Gimli

Barad-Dur Model? 4/18/99

News that John Howe and his art team are building a 7 foot tall model of Barad-dur is confirmed to Tehanu by "sources that wish to remain nameless but are working with said art team."


The 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases : October, 2012

TORn was listed as "the main fan site" for LOTR fans in a vulture.com article about the 25 most devoted fans of entertainment. The article also said that Peter Jackson "again work(ed) with TheOneRing.net to supply fans tidbits and updates." Additionally, Tehanu was interviewed in a "Portrait of An Influential Fan."

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Tolkein (sic) website rings with fans : November, 2012

In anticipation of the upcoming premiere party for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the Dominion Post's Culture section interviewed Tehanu who recapped the general history of TORn and discussed its importance and contribution to fan culture.

"Tehanu's Notes"

In the New Zealand Tourism Board's article on New Zealand's setting for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films, attention is given to TORn and Erica Challis and Challis' involvement with Red Carpet Tours.

Tourism New Zealand: Finding the real Middle-earth