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This information follows the Embassy Theatre Seating Chart obtained from the Embassy Theatre management by TORn staffer, grammaboodawg on March 2010.

Lounge Seats

  • (Blue section in chart)
  • also called Reclining Seats
  • 70 seats in Rows A to C
  • approx $110 US ($200 NZ ) [Not on original website]
  • These were the last to be made available and are located closest to the screen
  • They are also found in the main lounge/reception area

de Luxe Gold Seats

  • (Yellow section in chart) also called Armchair Seating
  • 383 seats in Rows D to Q (Wellington City Council reports 389 seats)
  • 87 US ($122 Canadian / $150 NZ)
  • These are a grey fabric and make up the majority of the theatre's seating
  • Potential Rows "I" and "O" that would have fallen into this section are not used in the floorplan
  • Row F has 6 removable seats where wheelchairs can lock into place. Those seats are indicated by the letter "D" in the diagram (Seats F7, F8, F11, F42, F45, and F46)

Xoanon indicated he intended to get a de Luxe seat. "Xoanon here, doing the math it looks like a ‘DeLuxe Chair Package’, in which a chair is branded with your name on it for 10 years will cost you 150$ NZ. Which comes to about $87 American or $122 Canadian. I’m getting mine today!" 1 But this Embassy Trust's webpage describing a de Luxe seat (as archived at the Internet Archive) places a de Luxe seat donation at NZD $650. Additionally, the photo of Xoanon sitting in his seat looks like it's located in one of the top rows... V36?, 2 which is a Classic seat. They're also a pink-ish color and have straight-topped back and the arms are narrower. The de Luxe have round-topped backs.

Platinum Seats

  • (Red section in the chart)
  • 79 seats from Rows G19 to L34
  • $1,000 US ($2,200 NZ)
  • nestled in the center of the Gold Section
  • These are plush, brown leather seats that are not shown as available on the Theatre's official website for purchasing standard tickets.
  • The seats are only available when purchasing "Platinum" tickets.

Classic Seats

  • (Green section in chart)
  • also called Fold down Seating
  • 220 seats in Rows R to W.
  • COST - unknown
  • Six rows located highest/farthest from the screen.
  • Row R (purple-colored row on the chart) is available for seating, but seats are discouraged from being used due to its narrow access.

1 August 6th, 2003 ~ TORn News Article: Embassy Theatre Refurbishment Needs Your Help!

2 Observation made by grammaboodawg during her 2010 visit to the Embassy Theatre

Information on Embassy Theatre Seat Funding Levels was gathered by grammaboodawg primarily during her 2010 visit to the Embassy Theatre.