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The Embassy Theater in Wellington, NZ, was the site of the 2003 world premier of Return of the King - and is also the site of two seats purchased in connection with TORn during a fund drive for the theatre.

Embassy Theater - General Information

Believed to be one of the largest screens in the Southern Hemisphere, the Embassy Theatre originally opened on October 31, 1924 under the name - the Deluxe - and with more seating than it has now: 1749 seats. 1 It currently has over 750* seats 2 in a stadium-style arrangement.*

Embassy Theatre Trust and Seat Sponsorship

It was partially renovated prior to the December 19, 2001 New Zealand premier of ''The Fellowship of the Ring," but further renovations for structural support against earthquake damage, particularly in the theater itself, 3 were demanded before New Line Cinema would allow the 2003 World premier. 4 The Embassy Theater Trust was established to devise financing for the project; and one of the methods devised to help pay for the NZ$4.5 million upgrade was to allow people to purchase seats with their name engraved on a nameplate affixed to their seat. 5

TORn Sponsored Seats

Michael Regina (Xoanon)

Xoanon purchased a seat that was credited to Michael Regina (Xoanon)

Discussion Board Members @

A consortium of TORn Message Boards members led by WhiteAslan 6 purchased a seat in the Platinum Seat Funding Level 7 that was credited to Discussion Board Members @

The original seat plaques, including this one for the Discussion Board Members, featured ornamental embossing on the metal and a coating that did not hold up well. These were replaced by plaques that retained the outline of the originals but with no decorative embossing (style shown in photo above).

The original seat number for the Discussion Board Members was F30, but that was swapped for J31 so Sean Astin could have the seat next to Elijah Wood. 8

*Although some sites put the seating number at over 852, a seating chart obtained in 2010 put the total at 752 9 and minutes from 2003 of the Embassy Theatre Trust provided a break down of different types of seating that totaled 756. 10


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