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Important Note About This Page

Below is information about specific seat numbers of personages connected to the LOTR movies collected in various ways during the development of the Embassy Theatre article. This information is, at times, conflicting. There has been no attempt to reconcile or verify any of what is presented on this page.

Images in the TORn Scrapbook:

Elijah Wood / Frodo Baggins - original design 25thNov2003
Elijah Wood / Frodo Baggins - replacement design
Orlando Bloom / Legolas - original design 27th Nov 2003
Orlando Bloom / Legolas - replacement design
Dominic Monaghan / Merry Brandybuck - replacement design
Billy Boyd / Pippin Took - replacement design
Sean Astin / Sam Gamgee - replacement design
Brad Dourif / Grima Wormtongue - replacement design
Viggo Mortensen / Aragorn - replacement design
Park Road Post Production - replacement design
Sir Ian McKellen / Gandalf - replacement design

grammaboodawg's report: March 2010

Seat numbers gathered at the site during her 2010 trip to New Zealand

Lounge Seats
A23 Scout
A25 Leo Fellowship.npl
B32 entmaiden

de Luxe Seating
F24 Brad Dourif
E30 Ian McKellen
F7 Orlando Bloom
F8 Viggo Mortensen
F29 Elijah Wood
F30 Sean Astin
F40 Billy Boyd
F41 Dom Monaghan
Q45 John Rhys Davies

Platinum Seats
G11 Joe Letteri
G25 Howard Shore
G26 Liv Tyler
G27 Hugo Weaving
J33 Bill Jackson (Peter's Father)
J34 Joan Jackson (Peter's Mother)
K32 Richard Taylor
K33 Tanya Roger

frodo's girl's report: November 26, 2003

November 26th, 2003 - frodo's girl wrote:

Elijah has a seat, as do many of the other stars. If you are ordering tickets from the Embassy and you want to sit in Elijah's seat, it is F29, next to him is Sean Astin in F30 and down the row are Billy and Dom in F39 and F40, and down the other way is Brad in F24.....apparently Viggo and Orli like to sit a little closer, as their two seats are on the aisle in row E, numbers E19 and E20....up in the posh leather seats, you'll find Howard Shore (G25), Liv (G26) and Hugo (G27) sitting just behind one hobbit pair. Further up in the the posh leather section you can sit in Richard Taylor's and Tania Rodger's seats (K31 and K32). I did find Sir Ian McKellen's seat, but somehow left it off my list, as well as the seats for various members of Peter's family and of course may have missed other's. I'm just going to bet that the seats the stars bought are going to be well used and photographed!

Frodo Baggins - F29
Sean Astin - F30
Billy Boyd - F39
Dominic Monaghan - F40
Brad (Dourif?) - F24
Viggo Mortensen - E19
Orlando Bloom / Legolas - E20
Howard Shore - G25
Liv Tyler - G26
Hugo Weaving - G27
Richard Taylor - K31
Tania Rodger - K32