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what needs to be done

Many of these involve material removed from the site which makes it hard to track the event through internet research means only. Therefore, as a start, some of this documentation may look sketchy or confusing. By later researching other resources (than TORn's own news archives) and/or by interviewing people, the information may become more complete.

LOTR Movies

Images of Gollum - May 2000

Images of Gollum were apparently posted that "the PTB down in NZ and LA" asked to be removed. Xoanon's apologies 1 and Tehanu's comments 2 indicate the requests to remove the photos from the site were not kindly put.

Casting Profiles - June 1999

On June 27, 1999, TORn reported a "cast breakdown" they had published was copyrighted and was therefore removed from the site. No mention was made whether this decision was made within the house of TORn or if an outside entity contacted them and ask for or demanded its removal. 3 This is probably the "great scoop" that was referred to in a news update the day previous. 4 Herr der Ringe Film, a German site that posted many similar stories as TORn, posted a (seemingly) official Casting Profile listing casting agencies and profiles for main characters and races of Middle-earth on June 26, 1999. It is likely this is the same document that had also been posted at TORn and later removed. 5"


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