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We’re really pleased with the results of our two sponsorships this year. We contribute to the “Books in Homes” programme in NZ.
Meanwhile we got mail from the World-Wide Fund for Nature. We sponsor one of their marine conservancy programmes dedicated to saving the endangered Hector’s Dolphin.
"we have investigated a number of charitable causes which we will support. TheOneRing.netª is proud to announce that we are in talks to become co-sponsors of an online environmental education program for schools which is run by the Worldwide Fund for Nature. We also will be supporting an educational program in NZ called Books in Homes, a scheme which is doing a great deal to ensure that coming generations will continue to read and feel as comfortable with books as we are; it is our hope that many children will discover the magic of some of the books we have loved and learned from."
"Not much has been said about our involvement with charity since it was first announced back in January. You can read a little more about the Books in Homes program which we are participating in on our Charities Page ( Hopefully soon we will be announcing our next charity sponsorship, with a much larger well known organization." : a project to advocate, develop, and deploy distributed computing environments.

AUGUST 8, 2013
Sharing The Hobbit to Improve Reading – The S.H.I.R.E Project is raising money to send copies of J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic, ‘The Hobbit,’ to schools.

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