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A discussion series examining The Hobbit movie chapters held on TORn's Message Boards


Chapter of the Week (CHOW) is a regular discussion on The Hobbit movie forum. The discussions are posted weekly by volunteers, who post questions and observations for discussion based on a particular movie chapter (also known as a scene). To lead a discussion thread, forum users volunteer in the "Chapter of the Week Sign-up Thread" posted monthly or every other month. Like Screencap of the Day (SCOD), the discussions in CHOW threads are designed to be broad in their scope, rather than a critical analysis of the film. Chapter-by-chapter discussions were chosen instead of screencaps to echo the chapter discussion of Tolkien's books in the Reading Room forum.

As of May 2014, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey theatrical version has been fully discussed. The first CHOW threads for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug began soon after and are ongoing.


CHOW and organizing a Hobbit movie discussion thread was first proposed by forum member cats16 in September 2013. Before then, no notable discussion of the motion picture had taken place on The Hobbit movie forum. Its conception was fully based upon the successful and long running SCOD discussion threads on the LOTR-movie forum. The first CHOW thread was posted during the weekend of September 13th.

Forum admin Silverlode came up with the name Chapter of the Week.

As of September 2013, cats16 and DanielLB co-organise CHOW. Information in this article supplied by the co-organisers.



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