TORn's participation in and reporting of the Cannes Film Festival, 2001
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what needs to be done

Need: Short, general description of the Cannes Film Festival.

FOTR preview at Cannes 2001

Need: short, general description of what was important about Cannes in regards to the LOTR film.

TORn's Direct Experiences With Cannes 2001

Calisuri, along with other representatives of internet fan site, were included in the contingency of print and media journalists that were flown to Cannes by NewLine to view a 25 minute LOTR preview reel. Kristin Thompson in The Frodo Franchise credits the inclusion of internet fan sites as an acknowledgement of the growing importance of the internet in publicizing films. 1 leads to image group:

Quickbeam watches the footage in Sept, 2001

CANNES 2001 Coverage page! :

TORn's General Reports From Others on Cannes 2001 (only available in the archive section of the site)