Billy Boyd (1968- ); Scottish actor and musician. At the time Boyd was cast as Pippin in the LOTR movies, he was relatively unknown.

LOTR Casting Rumor, Rumblings and Reports

In early July, 1999, Billy Boyd was rumored to have been cast for Pippin at Ain't It Cool News. 1 A few weeks later, a UK publication ran an article on Boyd discussing, (among other things) how he would be 'shrunk' in the films. 2 In August, TORn ran an exclusive, preview extract of an interview SFX magazine did with Billy Boyd where he briefly discussed his role as a Hobbit. 3 More casting reports in August assumed Boyd had been cast. 4 5

On October 7, 1999, a New Line Press Release announced Billy Boyd would star as Pippin in the LOTR film trilogy.6

One TORn rumor report is intriguingly interesting. In a May 1999 article, TORn reported that Peter Jackson was in London auditioning young talents apparently for the roles of Pippin and Merry. As part of that article, they also wrote that Ringer Spy, "msboyd" said some friends of hers were being considered for major characters. 7 Boyd did, in fact, read for the part of both Merry and Pippin in London. 8 Whether this "msboyd" was at all connected with Billy Boyd is unknown.


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